The Most Unexpected Places

Sometimes, you find things in the most unexpected places... and that's just fine.


1. 1.

    It was a cold, foggy, day and I took a break from home. Home is the most stressful place for me.  Nobody lived at my apartment with me, but the silence was enough for me to go insane. I walked into the woods and sat on the old bench. I came here ever since I was younger. It was my thinking place, my calming place, the place I went to when I had to escape. It was a place unknown to most people. I first came here when my parents divorced. It was strange. I saw them as the perfect couple, together forever. Through the years I had to accept that there was no such thing as true love.

   The wind blew furiously and the trees shook. Leaves were crunching in the distance. I quickly stood up and looked around. I saw nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary. I took a deep breath and walked back home. I went back into my apartment to the same emptiness and silence. My phone rang and I answered.


 "Leo, turn to channel 151." My friend, Eli, said.


 "Just do it." He said and hung up.

     I turned to the channel and it was the news. It showed a building, flames exploding from every end. The caption said, 'Huntington Hotel burns down in gigantic flame'.

 I dropped the remote and ran outside. I quickly drove to the hotel. Crowds surrounded everywhere and everyone was held off by police. I got out of my car and ran into the crowd. 

 "No!" I screamed and pushed my way through the people until I finally got to the police tape.

 I crawled under the tape and tried running to the building but I was grabbed.

 "Let go of me! My girlfriend is in there!" I shouted.

 "Sir, calm down." The police officer said.

 The firefighters left the hotel with a few survivors and the whole building collapsed shortly after.

 "NO!" I shouted, tears welling in my eyes.

 I felt my heart shatter.

 I saw Trinity by the ambulance. I broke free and ran to her.

 I held her tight.

 "Leo, stop." She said and pushed me away.


 "I wasn't here to fill in for my friend who worked here. That was a lie. I was... uh..."

 A guy walked up behind her and smacked her butt.

 "Who's this guy?" He asked.

 "You were cheating on me?" I asked.

 She looked to the ground.

 I shook my head and drove home.

 When I got home, I plopped on the couch and stared at the ceiling. 

 The door opened and Eli was standing there.

 "Bitch, you didn't answer the doorbell." He said and walked over to me.

 "Why are you here?" I sighed.

 "Your girlfriend just died. I don't think you should be left alone." He said.

 "She didn't die, Eli."


 "She got out safe. But the only reason she was there in the first place was to cheat on me."

 "Okay, either way, you're not going to be left alone."

 "I'll be fine."

 "Nope." He said and sat on a chair.

 I knew true love didn't exist but when I met her, I was hoping I was wrong. She knew everything about me; all my flaws, my secrets, my stories... everything.

 "Come on, you'll find someone else." He said.

 "Can I go to the woods alone?" I sighed.

 "Well, ever since we were kids, that was your thinking place so yeah, I trust you."

 I got up and grabbed my coat.

 "Stay safe!" He said.

 "There's pizza in the fridge." I said.

 "If you aren't back in an hour, I'm going down there!" Eli shouted.

 "Okay." I said and shut the door.

  I made my way to the woods and sat on the bench.

 I heard singing. I stood up and followed the sound.

 "I could stare at your forever, just hoping to have you. But the fact that you found her makes me wonder why I even try." A female voice sang.

 I kept walking until I saw a girl with long, flowing, hair watching a small waterfall.

 I walked over to her.

 "Hi..." I said.

 She looked over and me and then I saw her cheeks get red.

 "Hey." She said softly.

 "Can I sit next to you?" I asked.

 She nodded.

 I sat down and stared at the water.

 She took short glances at me. I could tell she was shy.

 "So, you're going through a heartbreak?" I asked.

 "Yeah. What about you?" She asked.

 "Yep." I said.

 "It never gets easier, does it?" She asked.

 "Well, I hope it does."

 I looked at her.

 "What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"

 She glanced at me.

 "I don't like talking about myself."

 "That's understandable. If you ever need to talk, I'm here." I said.

 "Do you mean that?"

 "Of course." I said, looking at her.

 "Do you think, if I suddenly disappeared, someone would notice?" She asked.

 "Of course. I mean, I don't know anything about your situation, but I would."

 "But you just met me today. Who's to say you won't forget about me?"

 "Well, I never forget anybody. At least people I genuinely care about."

 "But you don't even know my name."

 "I don't need to. You're going through some tough shit, I can tell. I don't have to know your name to care about you."

 She looked at the water.

 "But I'd still like to know." I laughed.

 "I'm Violet." She laughed.

 "I'm Leo." I smiled and we shook hands.

 We sat by the water for an hour, talking.

 I heard footsteps behind us.

 "LEO!" Eli shouted.

 "That's my brother. I better get going but if you ever need me, call me." I said and handed her my number.

 "Bye." She smiled.

 "Bye." I smiled back and walked to Eli.

 "What were you doing?! You left an hour and a half ago."

 "I was talking to Violet." I said.


 "Yeah. She's my new friend."

 "Thank God. I thought you killed yourself." He said.

There was a pause.

 "Oh, by the way, I ate the rest of the pizza."

 "Betrayal." I laughed.

 We walked back to my apartment.


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