Last Wind of April

Have you ever woken up to hear that there is no tomorrow? That the future is just a dream? That there is nothing more the doctors can do? Well that's the regular life of April Tomas. April lives with Giant cell tumor of bone. She has tried getting rid of but keeps coming back. In some unbelievable way she is still alive and well, nut until the difficult family comes to play .


1. Come In

 I wake up from the bed I have slept on every day of every night for every minute. The plain light blue wall hasn't changed. Neither has the faint yellow light, but something was different.

 I looked outside of my small window to see if the outside scenery has changed. But of course, like everything else, it didn't. There was the same annoying birds yelling at the cold winter wind to turn the other way, and the same ugly green bushy trees that looked like toothpicks. I don't even remember the last time I actually saw a toothpick.

    They don't allow sharp objects around me unless it's a shot or prick that they need to check my health with. Which was pretty annoying since at first I had a terrifying fear of needles, but now they are a normal routine like brushing your teeth or hair.

   Well brushing my hair isn't a routine now a days ever since...., but it's just too thin. When brushing my circle looking head, the brush ends up looking like I grew its own set of gold locks. Not that my hair is pretty shade of gold, but instead dirty blond.

   Here at Saint Charles Hospital (SCH) the nurses and doctors try to be nice, so when they tell me something completely insane like I have gold hair. I try to be nice,also,by not telling them they're  insane.It is just the nice thing to do for the people that wait on you hand and foot. Not just because it is their job, but because they feel bad for me. If it was me in their place I wouldn't be here taking care of a helpless teenager in a bland crappy hospital. I would be roaming around the world with a bag full of my secret items.

    Maybe that's my problem with these people. To me everyone who is not sick and is healthy shouldn't be here. Life is so precious and rare that you can't just live it in hell hole like this. I have read too much books and fairytales to believe that everyone will get a happy ending. some people aren't just that lucky. 

     I look around the room once more to take in al of its ugly when i hear a deep male voice ask from the other side of the door,"Are you decent?" I reply back," Come in."

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