Luke's Girl

Lacy is an 18 year old girl. Like many others, she gets bullied. One day, she meets a boy named Luke. He help her deal with the bullies, and makes her feel welcome. Lacy makes a mistake though. She falls in love with him.

Warning-mature content


3. Luke

My eyes slowly fluttered open hours later; the first thing I saw was the same blue eyes fixated on me. The boy immediately became more concerned when he saw my eyes open and there was a smile evident on his face.

"Thank god you're awake... Are you okay love?" He spoke softly, gently grabbing my hand.

"I-I think I'm o-okay..." I sat up slowly, looking at him.

I scanned his facial features, taking note of each detail. He has bright blue eyes, quiffed blond hair, a sharp jaw line, and a metal lip ring. Despite being barely conscious, I couldn't help but appreciate how attractive he was.

"That's good," he smiled wider, his lips stretching under the lip ring. "By the way, I'm Luke Hemmings."

"I-I'm Lacy Irwin," I smiled weakly, lightly rubbing my neck. "W-what happened..? The last thing I remember is Jace letting go of me..."

"I uh I kind of gave him a really bad black eyes and broken nose... " Luke bit his lip, rubbing the back of his neck. "And then I carried you here to the nurses office." He smiled, lightly moving my hair out of my face, causing me to blush.

"Thank you.." I bit my lip, smiling.

"I should go back to class now.. See you around Lacy." He got up, smiling and walking out of the nurses office

~Skip to the next morning~

I stepped out of the shower, humming along to The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed. Ever since yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about Luke. He was so damn hot, and really sweet. Maybe I could get to know him a little better.

I walked to my closet, putting on a red long sleeved crop top, black leggings, and converse. I quickly did my makeup and curled my hair before walking downstairs. I grabbed an apple and ate it on my way to school, still thinking about Luke.

I walked through the doors of the school, immediately putting my head down, hoping I wouldn't be seen by the jocks. I had dark bruises around my neck from yesterday, but I somewhat covered them with makeup.

I was almost to homeroom when I felt arms wrap around my waist. I immediately spun around, expecting it to be one of the jocks trying to hurt me again. I was met by a pair of blue eyes and I sighed in relief; It was Luke.

"Luke! You scared the living daylights out of me. "I giggled, aware that his arms were still around my waist.

"Sorry... I just wanted to surprise you." He looked down, his eyes filled with worry and remorse.

"It's okay. I thought you were one of the jocks, that's all.. I thought I was gonna get hurt again" I sighed. Luke's eyes slowly drifted to my neck, filling with even more sorrow.

"I wish I could've prevented that from happening... I was there when it started but.. I didn't step in until I saw that you were really getting hurt." He sighed, stepping back slightly, looking ashamed.

My eyes widened in shock, my mouth hanging open slightly. I stepped back, not knowing what to say.


Hey guys! I hope you liked the chapter. I'm really sorry if it's boring... I'm not really very experienced with writing fan fiction stories. Anyways, if you like the story so far, PLEASE give me some feedback or favorite the story. Tell your friends about it if you think they'd like it! I'll try to update again soon.

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