Luke's Girl

Lacy is an 18 year old girl. Like many others, she gets bullied. One day, she meets a boy named Luke. He help her deal with the bullies, and makes her feel welcome. Lacy makes a mistake though. She falls in love with him.

Warning-mature content


13. Damn

*Lacy's POV*

(Two months later)

Sitting on the couch, I looked on as Aston laughed and joked around with Luke. Seeing him so happy made my lips curl into a smile. For some reason, him and Luke made up extremely fast. I still hated that bastard for what he did to my brother, but seeing him happy for the first time in two months was nice.

I sighed and got up, slowly walking toward the stairs and up to my small room. I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. How could Ashton forgive him so quickly? It didn't make sense. I laid there for a while before getting up and moving towards my closet. I grabbed cotton shorts and a tank top, starting to get ready for bed.

I removed my makeup, pulling my hair up into a messy bun. After I finished, I began pulling my shirt off, starting to change into pajamas. I pulled my leggings down, standing only in my bra and underwear. I turned around to grab my tank top and gasped at what I saw.

Luke stood by my bed, smirking and biting his lip. He walked toward me, slowly backing me up towards the wall. I gulped, trying to step away. He quickly grabbed my wrists, roughly shoving me against the wall and pinning my arms above my head. I gasped, looking at him and biting my lip. He was being so forceful... But I loved it. He leaned closer, whispering in my ear.

"That wasn't a nice thing to do, Lacy" he growled. "Don't try to get away from me again." He smirked, lightly kissing my jaw. I bit my lip again, leaning my head back. He chuckled softly, keeping my arms pinned above me.

"Are you going to cooperate now?" He asked, his voice raspy. Damn that is such a turn on. I nodded slowly, looking at him.

"Yes, Luke." I squeaked, biting my lip.


He slowly kissed along my jaw, smirking against my skin. He began leaving a trail of kisses along my neck, sucking harshly in some spots and leaving purple hickeys. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes. He sucked roughly on my collarbone, causing a soft moan to escape my lips. He smirked when he heard the sound, moving to leave a trail of hickeys down my chest.

He picked me up and carried me over to the bed, climbing on top of me. He began grinding his hips against mine, causing me to moan. I kissed his lips roughly, running my fingers through his blond hair. He deepened the kiss, grinding his hips more. I tugged lightly at his hair, making him moan.

His hands traveled down my stomach, resting at my waist for a few moments. He was about to move again when we both heard loud footsteps on the stairs. My eyes widen and I quickly jump off the bed, pulling my pajamas on. I sat back down, fixing Luke's hair so it didn't look as messy.

The door opened a few seconds later, revealing Ashton's adorable smile.

"There you are, Luke!" He grinned, walking into my room. "You were gone for a while and I started to get worried" he looked at me and then at Luke, confusion evident upon his face.

"What's going on..?" He looked at me, one eyebrow raised.


"Well uh..." I stuttered "Luke was just uh... Apologizing for how rude he's been to me lately." I rushed the words out, putting on a fake smile. "He just wanted to make sure we were okay as friends now"

"Oh... Okay!" Ash laughed, sitting next to us. "I'm glad you guys are friends again."

I sighed in relief, smiling at my dorky brother and glancing at Luke. Our secret is safe. For now.


Hey guys!! I'm so so sorry the book disappeared... I accidentally hit "unpublish" on the whole story ):

Anyways, hope you like the new update!!

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