Close as Strangers

Emily Hood is depressed and she thinks that there is no hope in living any more. Calum's girlfriend, Julie, hates Emily and Lucy, Michael's 10 year old sister. Emily thinks about killing herself herself every day, that is, until she meets someone special.


1. Emily's P.O.V

"I'm so ugly. I'm fat. Nobody likes me." I told Calum. Calum's my big brother. He loves me at home, and at school, but he doesn't really show it at school. "You're beautiful. You're smart. You're DEFINITELY not fat, and everyone likes you. Where is this even coming from?" he asked wrapping me in a big bear hug. "Julie. She hates me. She even shows it. Have you not noticed?" I asked him with a tear slipping down my cheek. "She doesn't hate you. She loves you. She thinks of you like a little sister. Why do you think she hates you?"

We were sitting on my bed, so I turned to him,slipping out of his hug. I pulled up my sleeve showing him the scars that littered my skin. "What the hell Emily? Why would you do this!" his yelling made more tears slip out of my eyes and down my fat cheeks. "I told you, it's Julie who makes me do this. Why do you never believe me? I'm your little sister. You're only baby sister." I saw the look on his face, and I got kinda scared as of to what he was going to do.

"Cal, please, I can take it. You don't have to do anything." "It doesn't look like you're taking it. It looks like your arms are taking it. Emily, you know I would do anything for you, even if it means breaking up with Julie for you. I love you, you know that. Right?" I nodded with my head down and I let more tears fall to my bed. He lifted my chin, wiped my tears and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"You're beautiful." he said "I don't want you to listen to anyone who makes you feel lower than you really are. A lot of people love you. After mom died, and dad became an alcoholic, we had to start looking after each other, and that's what I'm gonna do. If breaking up with Julie means that you're happy, than that's what I'll do." "I don't need you to break up with Julie. I'll be fine. I promise."

The next day at school, Julie came up to me with her group of friends and pushed me down. Calum was nowhere to be seen. I'm glad that he left it alone, but I wish he could at least see this. 'Cause maybe he would finally believe it. "You're fat, you're ugly, and I don't know what you're brother is telling you, but he doesn't love you. So I don't think that you should be thinking about that. He tells me everything that he tells you." That really crushed my spirit, but I knew that it meant nothing to me. "I definitely  don't think of you as my little sister. I think of you as a suicidal freak. I hate you, and so does everyone else in this school. So stop trying to be cool, act cool, or otherwise." 


"Hey, what's up Emily?" Calum asked during lunch. "Nothing much. What about you?" "Well, nothing really. Are you ok? 'Cause you don't seem like it." I nodded hesitantly. "Well, we have band practice tonight after school. Do you want to come?" "Is Julie going?" he nodded. "Ok, then I'll be there." I said cheerfully, like I actually liked her.

3 hours later, I went out to the parking lot to wait for Calum. I had a set of his keys so I unlocked the car, got in the front seat, threw my bag in the back, and put my feet up on the dash. 

I saw Calum coming towards the car, and his arm was wrapped around Julie. She looked towards the car, and frowned. 

Good, I thought, she's gonna ride with us, and she's going to make me sit in the back. Of course. "Hey Em, can you get in the back? Julie wants to sit in the front." Calum said. "No. I want to sit in the front today." Julie gave me a dirty look and said "Do you really want to sit in the front seat? I mean, you don't want to get in a car accident. Do you?" "Yes, I really want to sit in the front seat, and we're not going to get into an accident, because your not gonna distract Calum." she kept giving me a dirty look until Calum said "Julie, just sit in the back for now, after practice, you can sit in the front. Ok?" she nodded and smiled slyly towards me.


"Emily, I should warn you about the guys. Michael, he has red hair, he's going to try to hit on you, but he's probably going to have his girlfriend there" I was shocked that anyone would try to hit on me, but I wasn't shocked that they would have a girlfriend. "Then Ashton, he's sits behind the drums, he's probably going to giggle a lot and make a joke out of everything." not very surprising, but making a joke out of everything, how would you do that. "Luke. He's shy, but he's the lead singer. He plays guitar, and he's really tall." tall, outgoing, shy. I'm shy, and I'm short, so we have something in common. We're both shy. I wonder how that's going to turn out. "He's not gonna try and do anything with me, right?" I asked."No, he shouldn't. But if he does, just tell me. I would be very surprised if he did." he said

We walked inside, and Michael, I think, was making out with a girl. Ashton had a girl sitting on his lap behind the drum kit. Then I think it was Luke who couldn't stop staring at me. "Calum" I whispered

"Yea, what's up?" he asked

"Is that Luke whose staring at me?" I asked. He nodded.


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