She's not the victim.
She's not the hero.
She's the villain.


1. Chapter 1

I pushed harder, taking pleasure at the sound of his accelerating heart beat. "Look, it's really not that hard." I exclaimed, "Just tell me his name." I pushed even harder this time, drawing blood. I could smell the fear on him, see the beads of sweat trickle down...And yet no answer. Instead all I got out of him was a good old glare, and spit, which landed on my cheek... Lovely.

Taking the dagger away from his throat, I shook my head at him, wiping the spit off my cheek. "Low blow." I said, "And bad move." My fist slammed into his nose. He cried out, as the loud cracks sounded. I looked down at my fist, covered in his blood, before glaring at him. "Another?" I asked him. He smiled then, his teeth bloodied, "Bitch."

"I may be a bitch, but that won't stop me from breaking you, you bastard." I retorted. He began to laugh then, his low pitched, rumbling laugh echoing. I stared at him like he was out of his mind, which he was to be fairly honest. I brought my fist up again and was about to create a connection between it and his face, when I felt something poke into my lower back area. "Shit." I mumbled. I slowly and hesitantly raised my hands in the air, surrendering.

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