Losing Scarlet

when scarlet gram looses her memory, her mother and her best friends when she is forced to find out who did this and why with only the help of her new friend chad. The world is their enemy.
Can she uncover this crime or will it cost her, freedom of even her life.
find out only in
Losing scarlet.

Original story by Olivia.p.cope


3. the book

Scarlet's pov 
"I-I don't know"

Chad...I think.. looks at me and turns around when a man burst through the door
He runns over to me and hugs me. I squirm against him and tell him to get off of me. He gets back and looks hurt?

I slide farther into the matress and Chad looks at the man and then calls for the doctor he comes in and asks me a series of questions.

"Ma'am you have lost your memory and we don't know when or if you will ever gain it again."

I look and I see the man from before crying outside.

I look over at Chad and ask.
"Who's that man?"

"Scarlet, that's your father. what's the most recent thing you can remember?"

"Uh waking up here why?"

The man from before that Chad called my... father? is he really?I look around and see out side.
Why am I here?

I look down at my hands and I try to recall a memory something that will tell me who I am but it comes back blank but the words the doctor used to describe my condition runs through my mind .

Retrograde amnesia.

Who am i?

What if I was a nobody?!

"Chad.... who was i?"

"I don't know I just met you scarlet so I can only tell you what I've learned. But your father can tell you who you were and are."


-2 weeks later - - - - - 


Screaming at Chad while he sits in the room holding my clothes hostage is so hard. He doesn't want me to go and he honestly had become a great friend.

"Not intill you say it."

Chad is amazingly awesome. There you happy?."

"Hmmm yes."

I open the door and he hands me my clothes I slam the door and get dressed. Getting discharged is kinda scary. How will I feel about the world? What if i cant make it?

Walking out after putting on the clothes I'm met with a bear hug from the butt called Chad.

"So we still gonna hang out?"

"Of course!"

"hey by the way scarlet here is my number if you every need me okay?"

"thank you chad."

Smiling he leads me to the front desk where my dad is waiting sighing a document he shows me out side the sun hurts my eyes as he directs me towards the car.

Or should i say truck.

The truck looks extremely familiar a large portion is missing from the front along with green paint all over it scraping against the front.

I stop dead in my tracks and stare, this truck looks so familiar where have I seen it before?.
My dad rubs the back of his neck.

"Yeah just got it the day before the crash but I kinda hit a....uh .. tree but it's safe to drive."


Gulping I get a bad feeling about the man they call my father. Where have I seen this truck.

Getting in we drive all the way back home. Since I got transferred to the north Carolina mission hospital it wasn't that far away.

As we approach the log cabin in the hill I get a strange feeling when I see a new car sitting on the drive way the cherry red Ford Its trunk is open and bags clutter the back.

And then a women walks out..smiling.

" dad.. who's that?"

"...a friend."

He wouldn't tell me why she's here what if Hes dating her or something.

Waking in he shows me my room and all my stuff amazes me. Pictures and paintings cover the wall splatted with grays and reds
And then I see it a photo album I flip through it hoping to remember something and then... nothing but people with no names flipping through I stop at a page that says.

Summer love
I see a handsome male smiling and kissing me is this my boyfriend?

I walk down stairs and see my dad on the couch I sit beside him and plainly ask.

"Dad who's this?"

"That's your um.... boyfriend?"


"Yeah totally I can call him if you want me to."


With that my father leaves and calls someone but in my gut I get a terrible feeling.

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