Losing Scarlet

when scarlet gram looses her memory, her mother and her best friends when she is forced to find out who did this and why with only the help of her new friend chad. The world is their enemy.
Can she uncover this crime or will it cost her, freedom of even her life.
find out only in
Losing scarlet.

Original story by Olivia.p.cope


2. chad

Paramedics pov

Jumping into the ambulance we take off at speeds above 60 mph.
We just got a call for a crash they said they can't hear any screaming or calling so we rushing over there as fast as we can.

We round the corner and the place is a mess framing is torn off the truck and the jeep lies on its top then I see, it the blood. I rush down with a portable gurney and call for help I pull out 3 body's and checking for a pulse on all of them but there is none at all... dang it.
Going around and i pull out a girl she looks around my age 17 at least. I check for a pulse and it's weak so I begin CPR. Pressing my hands firmly I begin to pump her chest running her blood through her body. Then I hear it a weez I smile and she looks up at me and speaks her voice raspy she locks eyes with me and grabs my hand.

"Please don't leave me.."

I smile before saying
"Don't worry I won't."

She nods and goes back to being unconscious. Lifting her up on the gurny we rush her to the hospital and run some blood test to see who she is.

And this is what came up

Gram,scarlet rain
Parents: Samantha Victoria gram,
Darren Nicholas gram

Contact information:736-836-7767

I look at the screen and sigh and begin dialing the number to reach her father.

"Hello Mr. Gram this is Chad Lincoln from the Detroit hospital and your daughter has recently been taken into urgent surgery."

I'm met with silence.

"Please watch her I'm on my way what's the address?!"

After explaining the address he hung up with a hurry I walk down the hallway to her room and enter the nurses work preparing it with all the needed items. I sit down and wait for her to come out of surgery.

I care about this girl so much.

I don't even know her.
But I will...

Slowly my eyes droop and I fall asleep while waiting for her to come.

- - - -- - - - - - -

" hey you.. wake up."

I wake up to see the girl smiling at me with worried eyes.

"You stayed thanks sleepy head."

She giggled with her raspy voice and I smiled at it she's so different.
I get up and move my chair before talking to her.

"Haha well I'm chad,Chad Lincoln."

She started at me blankly.

"Whats your name?..."

She looks at her hands and speaks.

"I-I don't know"
-- - - - - - - -

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