Creators Camp

How does a summer camp with your internet best friend and favourite YouTuber sound? What about having your whole past written in direct messages to that YouTuber with an abandoned Twitter account? What about having a past that could tear you away from the life you dream of living? It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?


1. -Prologue-

~I'm Australian.

Last year I met my best friend Carrie through a Trevor Moran music video.

This year we're finally meeting for the first time at Creators Camp.

A new summer camp thing that Connor Franta is the leader or main councillor of I guess.

But the only problem with that.

I have an old Twitter account, that has a whole load of direct messages to him.

Explaining everything in detail.

My past, my struggles, my life.

I'm just a terrified closeted 16 year old with a past that could tear me and Carrie away from the life that we dream of living.

My name's Ella... and this is how my story unfolds.~

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