Creators Camp

How does a summer camp with your internet best friend and favourite YouTuber sound? What about having your whole past written in direct messages to that YouTuber with an abandoned Twitter account? What about having a past that could tear you away from the life you dream of living? It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?


9. Part 8.

"Care to be my army?" I asked holding my arm out to Carrie.

"I'd be honoured." She smiled linking her arm with mine.

We both walked down to the water, earning some confused looks.

Connor didn't seem to notice, he was too busy talking to one of the other girls about his hair.

"Well I mean I don't really want to get it wet but I might not be able to resist..."

I looked over at Carrie who knew what I was thinking and gave me the thumbs up.

She was standing behind him so thankfully he didn't see our silent planning as she bent down and splashed some water in his direction, narrowly missing his head.

He jumped and looked over at me; "Really? Nice try, you'll need to do better than that."

I looked over at Carrie who was staring at him and shaking her fist, I had to stop myself from laughing.

She motioned for me to splash him from my angle.

I bent down and splashed a large amount of the salty water at him, soaking him from head to toe.

"Oh it's like that is it?" He asked walking towards me.

I ran over to Carrie and tried using her as a human shield.

"Now now girls you're not scared of Uncle Connor are you?"

"Call yourself Uncle Connor and I will projectile throw up all over you and your precious hair." Carrie warned.

"Run on 3?" I whispered into her ear.

She nodded.


She took a deep breath and I loosened my grip on her shoulders.


I let go of her and stood next to her as she stretched her arms.


We both took off running to the shore, Connor running after us, gaining on our lead quickly.

Curse the marathon running fool!

He grabbed our waists stopping us from running any further.

I watched as Carrie tried to pry his arm off her.

"Stop squirming or the grip will get tighter." He warned tightening his grip a little more.

Eventually we both just went limp in his arms and shared an eye roll.

I'm pretty sure this is restraint... isn't it?

"You know what I feel like?" Connor asked turning around still holding us in place.

"Dying?" Carrie asked.

"You be quiet."

"Getting hurt?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him.

"No but I will be taping your mouth shut in a minute... both of you!"

I rolled my eyes.

"What then?" One girl asked.

"Shopping." He answered.

All the other girls cheered.

"No!" Me and Carrie shouted simultaneously.

"You two don't have a choice... lets go shopping!" He screamed happily as everyone ran back to their cabins to change.

All while Connor dragged us to his cabin...

I really don't want to know what's he up to because the way he is holding us right now I'm pretty sure is restraint... and I'm no expert but I don't believe that's legal...


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