Creators Camp

How does a summer camp with your internet best friend and favourite YouTuber sound? What about having your whole past written in direct messages to that YouTuber with an abandoned Twitter account? What about having a past that could tear you away from the life you dream of living? It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?


8. Part 7.

"C'mon you've gotta come swimming!" Carrie knelt beside my bed with puppy dog eyes.

I glanced from my book, to her pouty face then back to my book.

"Nice try."

She sighed and snatched my book, holding it away from me.

"Give it!" I cried jumping up to retrieve what she stole.

"No! You have to at least come down otherwise champion of the self-proclaimed Spotify losers will lecture you."

"Fine lets go." I sighed grabbing my sunnies and followed her down to the lake where everyone else was waiting for the frantastic freak.

Finally he showed his all too happy face and pulled his shirt off over his big head.

Everybody ran into the water leaving me to lay on the grass by myself.

There ain't no way I'm going into that water to drown then have the lifeguard lunatic save me.

"Are you coming in?!" He called.

I shook my head with a yawn, staying out until 1am probably wasn't the smartest idea.

He ran over to me still shirtless.

Please put a shirt on. Please!

"Yes?" I asked diverting my eyes in case I really did start to gag.

Somehow I don't think that would be the greatest impression to give off.

"Is there a reason you're choosing to sit out like an introvert?"

I rolled my eyes; "Is there a reason you're questioning my choice to sit out like an introvert?"

"Well at least stand at knee depth if you're that desperate to be anti social." He impatiently tapped his foot, basically his way of telling me to hurry up because it wasn't a request, it was an order.

"It wasn't a request sweetheart." He gave me sickeningly smug grin.

"I know I know, it was an order...idiot." I mumbled the last part so he didn't catch onto my already negative attitude, I'm really not awake enough for a lecture especially not from him.

"Well?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Well what?"

"I'm waiting."

"Oh really? That's nice of you, I hope it's not that long of a wait for you." I gave him a sweet smile and started to bat my eyelashes.

"Seriously it's either you get up and join us or you and me have a training session at sunset and trust me you don't want that." He crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh do your worst Connie."

"Right it's on, 5pm outside my cabin and be ready to sweat." He walked off with a stride in his step; proud of our efforts are we baboon head?

Carrie ran over to me and ignored the questions she got off Connor of where she was going.

"What'd he say?" She asked sitting down next to me.

"Me and him at sunset and apparently I need to be ready to sweat."

She stifled a laugh; "Oh here we go Sir Buffet Brain is at it again."

I took my shoes off and rolled my eyes.

"How old is he?"

Carrie looked at me funny; "Um 23?"

"No no I mean mentally."

"Oh well in that case he's about 5."

"That's the perfect age to think that splashing people is mature and sensible." I smiled evilly and stood up, adjusting my snapback.

I cracked my knuckles... which is my way of saying; this is war.


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