My adventure


1. Good will

     Good will


A poor lost man who was ill and thirsty was in search of water to drink so he could regain his strength. as the man walked across the Forrest he felt dizzy and on able to walk so he decided to rest. The man was dehydrated and tired and without strength to move. The man made his way to a near a tree with shade. He sat under a tree with lots of shade, his eyelids became very heavy and he could no longer keep his eyes open he closed his eyes for what had seem like a second and then opened them again. The man looked around he was still thirsty and I need of water, in a bush to his left side the man found a bottle with half of it filed with water. with the little strength he had he lifted the bottle and as he looked at the bottle and said "wonderful is half full." Before the man could drink the water he heard a trembling voice say loudly "help...  help." The man followed the voice of the kid until he finally found him and saw that the kid was a boy who was also in need of water as he to was dehydrated. The man approached the boy and he offered the him water, the boy was surprised that the man offerd him water without any hesitation or bad intentions. The boy exepted the water and after he had a good rest him and the man began a long conversation. The man asked him a handful of questions and the boy awnsered.


The reason my clothing looks strange to you is because you are no longer on earth. You see, this is one of the places people go after they die and the forest you were just in is something humans like to call pergatory. You just went through a test everyone who comes here must first be tested because only people with a good will are allowed to be here. The test a nessessery ritual we hold in order to only grant access to those who have a grand heart like yourself is something we do before interacting with human souls, a test can last from a day to a decade.


The boy stood up and before the eyes of the man, he grew older and extended his hand the man and said "welcome to paradise my friend."

The man was breath taken as he looked around at the scenery, he reached for the boys hand stood up and once again looked around him.


From the mountains the man looked down at the vast blue ocean and he saw mermaids. he looked up to the sky and saw a Pegasus, dragons, fairies, griffons, pixies. The man looked at the land below him and saw elfs, senters, dwarfs, chimera, dryads, lamia and trolls. The man took a closer look a t a cave that was dark and gloomy and began to quiver in fear. The boy tapped the mans shoulder as he said "dont worry nothing on this land and sea is evil, so you have nothing to fear." What the man saw was a vampire but as he looked closer the vampire was just a little kid who looked a bit shy.


The man looked at the boy and said " I see so this is is the after life." "That is correct, this is the land were anything and everything is possible." The man could not stop looking at what was before his eyes, it was something he would have loved to show everyone. A scenery filed with color and a new adventure for him to journey on.

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