I'm not your angel


1. Crimson wings

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crimson wings


       Power itself has no meaning, those with it are the ones that give it meaning. Each human seeking power for there own agenda, instead of striving for peace we walk down the road of destruction and ruin. Weak and fragile, no one want to be like that so they kill one another and climb the ladder to power not realizing that what they are walking on are nothing but corpses.


"Well, time to go." He said as he exited through the door to his house. Arriving to school and making his way to his class, students stare at him and begin to gossip and giggle as he passes by.


"Hey isn't that tommy" said a girl from the crowed and after her the rest of the people began to speak.


"I wonder how he's gonna be treated today"  a man in the crowd says looking at tommy, wanting him to hear. Gossiping about tommy is what the students always do, tommy being a victim of bullying no one tried to help or even socialise with him. Tommy didn't even flinch he just walked directly into class like he does every morning. Once everyone entered class the teacher began the daily routine.


"Ok class, today is Wednesday so that means it is independent studies because we are on a short schedule" the teacher says as he takes a seat. Seated in the back of class as to not wanting to attract attention tommy doesn't even take time to listen to the teacher.


A kid in front of the teacher raises his hand and the teacher signals him allowing him to speak "mr. G can we work in groups, today's assignment is very difficult."


The teacher looks at austin "no you may not, the work is not so complex as you make it out to be at the very least try it before you complain. If you try and still need help you can go ahead and ask tommy for help, unlike you, he's ahead of the class."


Austin looks at tommy making eye contact and sneers then turns back to face the teacher "ok mr. I think I'll have tommy help me with today's assignment." He gets up and walks towards tommy and takes a seat to his left leaving his right side empty. Austin leans towards tommy "hey why don't you... Help, with my homework" he says secretive. 


Tommy not bothering to even look at Austin replies "why don't you look for your brain, I think you dropped it somewhere." 


"Hahaha.. Wow I didn't know you had jokes" Austin says.


"I wasn't joking you're pretty stupid, it's very surprising seeing a monkey imitating people." Tommy says with an emotionless tone.


Austin bursts out laughing and grips tommy's shoulder "what is it with you today so talkative, have you forgotten who it is that is in charge here? No that can't be right? I'd hate to see what you're actions could lead to." He sits straight up grabbing a pen.


"Yea I know, unlike you I know how to use my brain." Tommy answers.


Austin smirks "yes, yes that's right so remember not to resist." He stops playing with his pen and gets a grip a tight grip on it. "Don't scream now, k?" He thrusts his pen into tommy's hand, tearing his skin and sinking pen in deep. Feeling intense pain but not wanting to scream tommy grinds his teeth and holds back his shout. "I bet you're wondering why the teacher hasn't intervened, well that's because just like everyone else he has a boss he has to follow orders from and just like everyone else the boss happens to be my family." Austin explains to tommy with a menacing grin.


As Austin removes the pen from tommy's hand the door to class opens and the principal walks in with a girl beside him "students, say hello to your new classmate." He walk towards mr. G "this is liz she just moved here" the principal explains to the teacher.


Mr.g looks at the new student and the principal and engages in a conversation with the new student "so where are you from?"


Liz looks at the principal then at the teacher "well I'm from the city so I'm new to this new scenery."


"Yes this is quite a small town but you'll get used to it in no time" the teacher says to liz.


In the back of class Austin leans back on his chair "man I was hoping the girl would be a babe" Austin says disappointed. "Well I'm sure it doesn't matter to you right?" Austin says mockingly  at tommy.


After the teacher was done talking with liz he tells her to take a seat wherever she wants and then continued talking with the principal. Liz liked spending time to herself so she made her way to the back of class. As she was gonna take a seat she noticed tommy's hand, horrified she rushed towards him "HEY! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND" She didn't wait for him to explain what happened and proceeded to treat him. She ripped a portion of her sleeve and bandaged tommy's hand "hey I'm no doctor so I'm sure this won't do nothing for you, we need to take you to a real doctor" she exclaimed.


"just take the kid to the nurse's office" Austin said.


"Yea you don't have to tell me twice" liz says and then she turns to face tommy and grabs tommy by the hand "com on we got to get your hand treated."


Tommy stands up from his seat looks at liz’s hand with is holding his own, with so many thoughts running through his head he instinctively pulls his hand away "don't worry about me this is nothing I can take care of myself, just mind your own business." He walks out the door and heads to his usual spot he goes to during school


Austin smirks "wow he sure is a rude one isn't he hahaha" he laughs and continues "you really shouldn't involve yourself with him." Austin says threateningly


Lizeth looked at Austin annoyed "sorry but I don't like doing something without a good reason behind it" she goes to search for tommy.


"Ok class get back to work!" the teacher demands.*Ring ring* he looked to see that it was a call of importance so he steps out of class without saying a word to the class, once he stepped out the class continued as if the incident with tommy had not happened.


"Man.. With so many things like that taking place in this cool it no longer surprises me" a student said


Austin got up from his seat and as he was walking towards the exit a kid named Steve who was seated at the front of class got up as well as three others and they left together. Liz who had been searching for tommy finally found him, because the school was a small one it took no time at all. As she approached tommy she noticed his hand had been taken care of, tommy noticed her coming her way and he put away the materials he used to treat himself.


"You were looking for me?" Tommy was a bit surprised since he was being rude on purpose so Liz would not have gotten involved.


trying to be friendly Liz spoke "I know, I know... You're the type of person that likes to be alone aren't you? Well don't worry I promise to not be annoying... So can I stick around."


Looking up at her he sighed and continued "do what you want"


"Ok, I will" Liz said happily and took a seat next to him. She used this moment to get to know him better "so did you bandaged your hand yourself?"


"Yea, well after some time you just naturally get better at doing something" he said looking down.


Shocked Liz looked at tommy and replied "wait are you saying this happens frequently?" Tommy did not speak he just kept looking down at the ground. Liz extended her hands towered tommy and gently placing them on tommy's cheek "hey if you don't want to tell me that's fine but if.. if you ever wanna talk to me about it I'm always open ears." 


"Well since he won't tell you why don't we I'm sure he wouldn't mind" Austin, who had heard everything decided to talk about the events that take place in this small school. "Here, we treat Tommy and his friends however we want just like this "he reached for Lizeth and grabbed her from the hair.”


“STOP IT!!!” normally calm and composed kid had snapped his normal tone changed into a furious one as he charged at austin and tackled him to the ground. finally, tommy had lost it he rushed austin. every fist he launched at austin was full of killing intent, austin who had no power to defend and his face swelling up could not retaliate. the kids who were with austin were in shock as the site of tommy fighting back has never occurred, they have done so many horrid things to tommy and the first time he reacts is when a friend is being attack.


“that's enough” one of austin friends said and kicked tommy in the face knocking him to the ground. all of austin's friend surrounded tommy and without relenting they pounded him until he lost conscious.


austin slowly getting up looked at tommy and liz “ i have never… been so… humiliated before in my life” it was hard for him to stem he was short of breath and the wounds he had made it difficult for him to speak. “i'll make sure…  you suffer before…  i kill you” he said a sinister look.


twenty minutes had passed by until tommy had finally regained his conscious. he slowly opened his eyes and looked around, it was so foggy he could barely see around him but regardless he wanted to make sure that Liz was okay. He was crawling as he was to weak to get up and then his search came to an end, he saw something that would haunt him for the rest of his life and that was the death of his classmate.


"No" he said in a low town, as tears ran down his cheeks. the first person to ever acknowledged his existence. Tommy was grasping his heart unable to get on his feet, he lowered his head to the ground his shoulder blade extended upward tearing his skin apart and from deep within a bright white light glimmered. On the left and on the right of his shoulder blades the lights grew brighter until finally pure white wings extended out and his wounds on his back closed up.


From around the corner at a distance, mr.g was witnessing tommy's transformation "it has finally begun." As if it were witness to tommy loss the sky's cry, furiously lighting strikes.


Tommy's eye could no longer see as the color slowly faded away, everything was colorless. He no longer was in control of himself, he leapt into the air and his new found wings carried him high up to the sky. Tommy noticed everyone was still in campus and once he knew this he proceeded with his plan, he pointed his finger down and drew a circle with it making a fence of of fire around the school. He flew downward and landed next to three people who were eating there lunch, he lifted both his arms and aimed at the three guys who were before him. before anyone could react to what what's going on tommy set them on fire and he stood there watching as they turn to ashes, a red flame that instantly burns only its target.


"W-what just happened?" A random kid though to himself seeing everything play out. Right before him was tommy, glaring at him. His instincts was telling him to run but he could not, he every cell in his body shook in fear. Just as he was gonna turn to run tommy flew towards him at high speed and grabbing him from his ankle and flew high up with him. 


"This is the day your life ends." Tommy said.


"Wait! Wait!" The kid yield at the top of his lungs.


"Nope" tommy skinned him around and threw him down, the guy hit another person on the ground resulting in blood spilling everywhere. People her the notice and came out from where they were and saw the horrific scene, they all screamed but tommy showed no mercy as he brutally killed every single person on campus. The blood of which was spilled in rose from the ground and flew towards tommy's wings staining them. His his wings no longer were  pure white, now they were Crimson red and the soft feathers became sharp. Tommy was ready to leave the area when something caught his eye, liz's corps was no longer there. He rushed to where the corpse was but it was no longer there and in its place was a small note and on it was written the following:


Code seeker

An angle gives back the love it receives from others without question. Never acts on hate but is merciless when you kill those who loved it, powerless when it is in peace but powerful when at war.











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