I have powers but I'm not a hero

What happens when a group of high schoolers can unconsciously bend reality? Well they don't become heros, that's for sure.


3. Gods request

it was supposed to be a morning i stay in bed and sleep in for an extra hour but god had other plans in store for me and my friends.


God: a.. magician wake up.. HEY!


magician: SHUT UP! do you know what freaking time it is right now? it's five in the freaking morning, what the hell do you want.


as always god did not come directly to talk to me instead he just talked to me from the comfort of his house but i could not hear him all too well, i guess that's what happens when you choose verizon. 


God: well i just wanted to show off my new phone. oh and on a side note, the world is coming to an end and i'm too lazy to prevent it so ill leave it up to you and your friends.


magician: wait.. WHAT?!?!


yes i was surprised about what the world ending but what i truly had a problem with was  traveling the world.  today the new chapter of one piece comes out, i was looking forward to drinking a warm cup of coffee and reading the new chapter in peace.


god: yes i know how lazy you are so ill will reward you and your friends with anything you want.


magician: fine.. let's get this over with.


and without any warning me and my friends who were soundly asleep in their house were transported to the middle of the battle field.


magician: really? you place us in the middle of the battle without any equipment? at the very least wake up my friends!


well with all of the noise our enemies were making my friends woke up right away.


tiburon: ar-are those zombies?


scooby-do: yea.. looks like it


everybody had took their battle stance and so the great morning war began. by a flick of a finger i turned zombies into ashes. PIGBLOOOD!! Used the sound of his guitar to open black holes and completely wipe out most of the zombies.


scooby-do: ill go all out right from the start!


i dont know how but it turned out scooby had saiyin blood in him somehow amd he had achived the super saiyin form.


magician: okay guys lets get this done quickly or we will be late to class.


Tiburon had use his devil fruit ability to drag the zombies have way to the ground and school shooter used that as an advantage and shot the zombies.


God: hey magician!


Magician: what?! Can't you see I'm in a middle of a fight!


Instead of responding he teleported me to his location in an instant.


Magician: what the hell man!?


God: chill I just wanted to ask you something.


Magician: fine I'll hear you out.


At that moment God poofed in a TV and ps4.


God: I just playing this new game I got and wanted to play multiplayer with someone, so? Do you want to play?


Seeing as the game was one I've been wanting to play I couldn't refuse so I stayed and played.


Magician: ok I got two hours then I got to go to school


God: ok, that's fine.


After playing the ps4 with god for an hour I decided to check up on my friends.


Magician: ok well it's been fun but I gotta see how my friends are doing


I opened a hole in the ground that leaded to where my friends were, I jumped into the hole and it closed once went passed it. I was falling from the sky and could see everything from where I was.


Magician: woa.. Is that Pigbloood!!? 


It turned out that pigbloood was overwhelmed by the zombies so scooby tried to help him out but accidentally chopped him in half with distrocto disk.


Scooby-do: my bad, hahaha


Pigblooods upper half was next to scooby and his lower half was in the position of the zombie king. The zombie proceeded to cut pigblooods lower part into pieces.


PIGBLOOOD: ar- are you making a ham out of my ass?


The zombie had a bag of bread brought to him by another zombie 

PIGBLOOOD: your making a sandwich now?!? your a zombie, you're suppose to  eat my brain not my ass!!!


on this day i learned something new and that was that zombies love ham a lot more than anyone thought also they don't attack humans for brains just those who carry ham with them.


schroddinator: get down!!!


i don't know how but schroeder was here and had a huge laser gun and i was still free falling from the sky and before i could land i used one of my strongest magic attacks and at the same time schroeder fired his gun and it released green flash blinding everyone who was below me.


magician: ICE AGE


i froze all of the remaining zombies and schroeders shot broke them into pieces. I was still freefalling so i made an ice slide in mid air so i wouldn't just fall straight into the ground


schroedinator: you. have. been. schroedinated!!


everyone gathered in the center and got pigblooood!! healed then god appeared in front of us.


God: welldon brave warriors. thanks to all your hard work i could finish the game i was playing without any interruption.


we didn't question him we just wanted to leave already and my friends didnt ask me i was falling from the sky. 


Magician: yea yea whatever, we will be on our way know. scooby now quick.


God: w-wa-wait!!


everyone grabbed scoobs shoulder and he used instant transmission to get us back to school.


God: i just wanted to tell them how they had earned the highest rank in heaven, the heavenly knights.


we all appeared in the middle of the school were all the green benches are and made sure everyone made it back.


scooby-do: is everyone here? 


Magician: looks like we all made it 


tiburon: wait, theres something wrong.


pigblooood!!: what is it?


tiburon: i im not hearing any lame as stupid jokes so that could just mean one thing.


magician: shit.. dont tell me-


scooby-do: we left school shooter behind


well after a minute of talking about how we left school shooter behind we didnt do anything about and just went to class. for the first time since the semester had begun we made it to class on time. 


science teacher: ok guys i will be taking roll call. tiburon


tiburon: here


science teacher: magician 


magician: here 


sciance teacher: scooby


scooby-do: here


sciance teacher: school shooter… school shooter


Pigblooood: miss, school shooter isnt here hes in heaven right now.


sciance teacher: What?!? oh my god, when did he pass away.


pigblooood!!: no hes not dead hes just in heaven.


the teacher did not listen and for the period talked about how good of a student school shooter was. the classes went on and they were boring as usual, i just slept through every class until it was finally time to go home.

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