Don't Trust Them

Fights, rumors, dead bodies, and homework.


2. Don't go in

  I grabbed a paper towel and picked the knife up. I stared at the tip.

 "I think I'm going to be sick." Owen said and ran out.

 "Owen, there's toilets in here. You just ran out for no reason!" I said and he ran back in and into a stall.

 I stared at the bloody knife, hypnotized.

 After Owen was done vomiting, he walked up to me. 

 "Back to the toilet!" He said and ran back into the stall.

 I picked the box up and put the bloody knife back in. I closed the box and cleaned up the blood drips from the floor.

 "Is it gone?" Owen asked.


 He gasped for air and walked up to me as I put the lid back on.

  "I'm praying to God that you didn't do that, because if you did, I'm willing to turn you in for money." Owen said.

 "Do you have any duct tape?" I asked.

 "Whoa! No need to kill me too." Owen said.

 I glared at him.

 "Why would you think I carry duct tape around with me everywhere, anyways?"

 I stared at him and he sighed.

 "Okay here." He said and handed me the tape.

 I taped the lid onto the box and gave him back the tape.

 "How did you know where that was, anyways?" 

 "I had a dream. There was a bloody trail to the bathroom and when I walked into school, I guess I was the only one that could see the blood trail."

 "Well, can't you have another vision, or whatever the fuck happens?"

 "It doesn't work that way." I said.

 The first bell rang.

 "Where are you going to put that box all day?" Owen asked.

 "Are you up for ditching class with me?" I asked.

 "Okay but don't kill me too."

 After everyone was in class, Owen and I left the bathroom.

 "Where are we going?"

 "Does science class start this early?" I asked.

 "Not until twelve."

 "Great." I said and ran towards the science lab.

 I picked the lock and we sneaked in.

 "Okay, first thing's first. Suspects." I said.

 "We don't even know who got stabbed!"

 "Just list douchebags that go here." I said and grabbed a pad and pen.

 After we were done, I took a fingerprint sample from the knife.

 "You're doing work and nobody asked you to... are you secretly smart and never let me cheat off of you?" Owen asked.

 "Shut up." I growled and put the fingerprint sample under the microscope.

 I handed him the list and a tape roll.

 "Okay, go get samples from them. Don't let them know." I said.


 I handed him a pen.

 "Also, write their initials next to the sample."

 "To the lockers!" Owen cheered quietly and left.

 I wrote 'FS' next to the knife sample.

 I turned off the lights and hid until he came back.

 I kept trying to calm myself down. 

 I started scratching my head roughly and pacing around the room.

 The door opened again and I quickly looked at the door.

 A teacher walked in and I dove behind the desk.

 She looked around but left shortly after.

 A few minutes later, Owen came back in with the samples.

 "Geez, your hair looks horrible." 

 "I know." I said and he handed me the samples.

  I started checking the samples.

 "Are you done yet?" He asked.

  A few seconds later, he asked if any were a match.

 "Do I need to interrogate anybody?"

 "Owen, I swear to God, if you do not shut up, I will use that knife on you."

 After I finished, none came out as a match.


 I put the sample in a bag and put the bag in my pocket. I then grabbed the box and walked out.

 "What's next?"

 "Answer this. If you were to hide a body, where would you put it?"

 "Janitor's closet, Heating room, or the supply closet."

 "Okay, we'll skip those." I said.


 "Because we're both idiots and if you would hide them in there, it's probably not in there."

 "Makes sense."

 "Wait... the blood trail... where did it start?" I asked.

 "You were the only one that could see."

 I ran to the lobby and followed the trail the other way.

 The trail led to the wood shop classroom.

 I opened the door and Owen went first. As I was standing in the doorway, I felt a push and the door slammed behind us.

  I yanked on the doorknob but the door was locked.

 Owen screamed.

 The lights suddenly turned off and we were left in complete darkness.

 I heard Owen walking around.

 "There has to be something..."

 "Owen, we are in a pitch black room with WOOD CUTTING TOOLS. Feeling around might not be the best idea."

 The room suddenly became freezing.

  Owen started screaming.

 "Owen, what is it?!"

 "I SEE TWO RED LIGHTS!" He screamed.

 I looked around the room and saw them too. They kept getting larger and larger.

 "HELP!" Owen screamed at the door.

 "It's soundproof." I sighed and started yanking the doorknob more.

 The door suddenly opened and Luke was standing in the doorway.

 Owen and I rushed out and fell on the floor, gasping for air.

 "What the fuck?" He asked.

 "Don't... go... in... there." Owen gasped.

 "I just came to unlock the door for Mr. Peters. What happened?" Luke asked.

 "DEATH!" Owen said and scrambled down the hall.

 "Uhh..." Luke said and stared at Owen, who was screaming all the way down the hall.

 "Don't ask." I breathed.

 "What's that?" Luke asked and pointed inside the room.

 "Shit, the box."

 "Luke, pal, could you be a dear and go get that?" I asked and patted his back.

 "If you stop talking like that, sure."

 He gave me the box.

 "Thank you." I said calmly.

 I dashed down the hall.

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