Don't Trust Them

Fights, rumors, dead bodies, and homework.


3. Breakdowns

 I tackled Owen to the ground.

 "Dude, no. I need help." I said.

 "Fuck no. I almost died." He said.

 "Look, just research. We're not gonna get killed."

 "Like I said, fuck no." He said and ran.

 I sighed and walked into the library.

 I walked around and went to the 'paranormal' section.

 "There has to be something." I said and looked at the titles.

 The lights in the library turned off.

 "Oh, come on!" I shouted and dove out before the door slammed.

 I laid in the hallway, staring at the ceiling.

 I remembered I left the box inside.

 I stared through the door window as two red eyes went to where the box was and left.

 "This can't be happening."

 I screamed and curled up in a ball on the ground.

 "It's over." I kept repeating to myself.

 That night, I laid awake and stared at the ceiling. 

 The room started spinning. I quickly got up and stumbled to the bathroom.

 I put my back to the wall and slid down, holding my stomach.

 I crawled to the toilet and vomited. 

 I looked in the toilet and it was filled with blood.

 I groaned and fell on the floor.

 A dark figure showed up in my doorway. I closed my eyes and passed out.

 The next morning, when I opened my eyes, I was still on the bathroom floor.

 I sat up slowly and held my head.

 The toilet had no blood in it anymore. I stood up and splashed water in my face.

 "Tyler, are you awake?" Mom asked.

 "Yeah." I groaned.

 "Good, I thought you were hurt. You were passed out in the corner and I didn't want to wake you. Now get dressed." Mom said.

 "Mom, it's the weekend." I said.

 "We're visiting grandma and grandpa today." She said.

 I stumbled to my room and looked through my dresser.

 I moved some shorts and I found the knife, but it was clean. 

 'You're next' was written in permanent marker. 

 I screamed and fell on the floor.

 Mom walked in.

 "Why are you screaming?" She asked. I pointed to the open drawer.

 She looked and held up a pair of shorts.

 "You're scared of shorts?" She growled.

 "No, there's a knife in there!"

 She searched through the drawer and looked at me.

 "Did you get drunk last night?"


 Mom left the room and sighed.

 As we drove up to the house, my brain spun.

 In the living room, Mom and grandpa talked.

 "Grandpa, do you have any books on the paranormal?" I asked.

 "I might have a few." He said and I walked into the library.

 My grandma walked in shortly after.

 "Looking for a specific book?" She asked.

  "Just paranormal." I said.

 She gasped.

 "What did you just say?"


 "Sit down." She said.

 I sat in a chair.

 "So tell me, when did you become interested in that sort of thing?"

 "One night, I had a dream about following a blood trail through school. When I went the next day, I saw it, but nobody else did. I found a bloody knife, and I accidentally left it in the library. I saw two red eyes go to where the box was. Last night, I puked up blood and passed out, and this morning, I saw the knife in my drawer, but mom didn't."

 "Follow me." She said.

 We walked up the stairs.

 I saw her unlock a door to a room I have never been in.

 "What's in there?" I asked.

 Once she turned on the light, I saw stacks and stacks of books. In the middle of the room was a glass case, holding a stone statue of a child. I saw dried blood splattered on the stone.

 "What is this room?"

 "Our family has a secret." She said and walked towards the statue.

 I stared at the statue as she took the glass case off.

 "When I was younger, my mom gave birth to my sister. She wasn't a normal child. She would always make scary sounds and stare at the wall for no reason. When she was about 3, she killed our mom. Soon after, my sister committed suicide. My father and I got this statue of her. A few days after putting it outside, blood started dripping from the eyes. Just the eyes. Nothing was near it." She said.

  I stood in shock.

 "When you look at the blood on this statue, does it look fresh or dry?" She asked.


 "Touch it." 


 "Touch the blood."

 I reached my arm slowly to the eyes and touched the blood. It wasn't dry. It was fresh.

 I stared at my finger.

 "I went to a psychic years later. She touched the blood and it was fresh. She told me that if you touch it and it isn't dry, then, you have a sight that nobody else does."

 I kept staring at the blood on my finger.

 Grandma touched the blood and showed me her finger. Her finger was completely dry. No blood.

 A few seconds later, my finger started burning.

 "Grandma, it's burning." I said and she handed me a washcloth.

 I cleaned my finger off.

 "You have a gift. Use it." She said.

 "But, grandma, there's this creature after me."

 "You have to be brave. It won't just go away."

 I sighed, "Okay."

 We went home and I stared out of the window.

 "Are you okay?" Molly asked from the back seat.


 When we pulled into the driveway, I ran into the house and into my room.

 I rummaged through my drawer to try and find the knife.

 It was gone, yet again.

 I ran into the basement and searched through an old box.

 I found my camera.

 I grabbed it and rushed upstairs.

 "What are you doing?" Mom asked.

 "Experiment." I said and rushed to my room.


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