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Spencer is a hitman. She gets hired by Rose Barrow to take revenge on Justin Bieber. Spencer doesn't need to kill him, but must break his heart in a million pieces while earning five thousand a month.


2. Chapter Two: Rose Barrow


As soon as we set foot in Palm Beach, I see a man with a sign. Hale is written on it in big capital letters. I take my brother's arm and pull him with me.

"Hello, we are Spencer and Andy Hale." I say friendly as soon as we reach the man.

"Welcome to Long Beach. I am your butler." He says with a warm smile on his lips. My brother and I look at each other with big eyes. 'Is he fucking kidding us' is what runs trough both our heads.

"And your name is James?" Andy snickers when he is over the shock. I glare at him with pure annoyance. To my surprise, the man starts to laugh.

"That's a good one Mr Hale, but no. My name is Igor." He says after a minute of laughing with my brother. My eyes dart between Igor and my brother. It seems like they clicked right away.

"Please call me Andy. I hate Mr Hale, it looks like I'm a fifty-year old asshole." Andy chuckles. Igor nods with a grin before motioning us to follow him. We do so and for the second time in less than ten minutes we are surprised. A big black limo is waiting for us. Igor opens the door and we step inside.

"We must be in heaven sis. This isn't normal." Andy says with a smirk on his face. He slouches down in the seat and sighs contently.

"Belt." I snap, not feeling comfortable at all. My brother rolls his eyes at me but does as I say. He knows how annoying I can get when I'm stressed out. "Thank you." 

We ride for a solid hour. Andy had found the tv and is watching a stupid movie although I have to admit that I have to hide my smile a couple of times. I feel the limo come to a halt and Igor opens the door before I even have the chance to touch the handle. My brother's door gets opened by a woman and I'm starting to wonder how much fucking staff we have. 

The thought is replaced by pure amazement. In front of me is a big  ass house. The walls are made of beautiful nature stone and there are a lot of windows. I can see a pool and the fucking beach is just behind it. Now my bottom lip really drops to the floor. That Rose girl must be filthy rich.

"Sis, are you coming?" Andy laughs with my dumbfounded expression. 

"Yerk" I say and he laughs even harder while we walk inside the house. All the walls are made of marble and there is a beautiful staircase that starts at both sides of the hall and at the top of it there is a long bookcase with more books than I have seen in whole my life. "Holly shit." 

"A lady never curses." I hear a girl say disapprovingly. My head snaps in her direction and there stands what I assume must be Rose Barrow. She is very long and thin. Her hair is blonde and so beautifully long I'm jealous. Her eyes are a piercing grey and I don't like her at all.

"Good luck. I was born cursing." I say and I force a smile on my lips. She doesn't smile back and I want to slap her. "You are Rose?" 

"Yes, that's me. I'm glad I skipped school today. I see there is a lot of work to be done before we can set this all into action." She says with rolling eyes. "Follow me please." She sounds very bored and I just want to leave right now. I look at my brother and he looks back at me with pleading eyes. The money makes him lenient. He knows how it is to starve and he sees this thing as a perfect opportunity to relax for once. I nod at him and he sighs in relieve.  

"It's a beautiful house." I try small talk and a small smile forms on Rose's lips.

"Thank you." She says before stepping into a big room. "Here is your closet. I bought some dresses for you and all the other things a girl needs." My eyes grow big for the zillionth time that day. My brother whistles between his theet. There are at least twenty different dresses. There are shoes, jewels, purses and a whole lot of other shit. 

"How do you know my size?" I ask flabbergasted. 

"A private investigator costs a lot of money. I want value for my money so he knows everything there is to know about you, Spencer Jackson Hale." She grins. Rose clearly likes to have might over people and I don't like it one bit. Thing is, I'm freaked out. 

"Oh, that figures." I mumble. 

"Don't mumble. I will have to hire someone to learn you the right ways." She says with a sigh and Andy has to stifle his laughter. "Here is your dress computer. I have put together outfits for at least fifty days, choose something for tomorrow and Claire will add the make-up and nail polish in the morning." She sounds very business-like while she shows me how to work with the computer. 

"Yes, miss Barrow." I snap. I couldn't stop myself and Andy bites on his bottom lip. 

"That's the attitude you need for Justin, but never use that tone with me again. Understand?" She asks with a stern voice. I grit my teeth. What a fucking bitch. "I asked you a question."  She says superciliously.

"Yes, Rose." I say. 

"Follow me Andy, you aren't such a pain. You almost look perfect for Palm Beach High." She says to my brother. The latter looks at me with worry in his eyes. I wink at him so he knows I'm fine.


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