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Spencer is a hitman. She gets hired by Rose Barrow to take revenge on Justin Bieber. Spencer doesn't need to kill him, but must break his heart in a million pieces while earning five thousand a month.


3. Chapter Three: New Students

"Time to get up." I hear a girly voice say. Light starts to stream into the room. I groan when I see it's only 6 am.

"Why so early?" I ask irritated.

"It were orders of Ms. Barrow." The girl says. "My name is Claire and I'm hired to help you get ready every morning." She says with a wide smile on her face.

"I hope she pays you enough for standing up at the ass crack of dawn." I say and Claire looks at me with wide eyes.

"You can't use such a words. That's not ladylike." She says but she isn't as disgusted as Rose would be. "Lets begin. Can you please go to the bathroom and shower?" Claire smiles and her caramel coloured eyes light up happily.

"I will, if you teach me how to be ladylike. I don't want some stupid bitch as tutor." I say with a grin.

"Okay, I will teach you." I see she is glad I asked her. With a smile I enter the bathroom. "What the actual fuck." I whisper when I look around me.

The bathroom is so big and beautifully black with white accents. There is a large mirror where you can watch your whole outfit. In the corner is a white bathtub on black shaped lion paws. My body urges to use that tub but I know there is no time for that.

Then I check the shower. It's very big. Everything is big here. Next to the shower is a white cabinet and on top of it there is a zebra-colored towel. It looks so soft that I can't resist touching it. My eyes squint close, it's even softer than I imagined. A content sigh slips between my lips.

"Hurry up, Ms Hale." Claire calls from my room.

"If you call me Spencer from now on." I yell back. I hear her mumble and it makes me giggle. When I see the shower has a panel with touchscreen, I giggle even louder. You can choose the temperature, a radio station and the soap scent you want. This is just ridiculous.


Two fucking long hours later I'm ready. My nails are painted a pitch black. My eyes are smokey and there is a layer light-pink gloss on my lips. My black hair is in a high ponytail. I have to admit that it looks good on me. Claire is good at what she does.

Than you have the dress I chose. It's the first time in like ten years I wore a dress. The dress is black with a lot of lace. It has an open back and the length is just above my knee.

A whistle can be heard from my bedroom door. I turn around and there is Andy.

"You look stunning sister." He grins. My brother doesn't look very different. His clothes are the same style as before but his hair is cut. His long hair has changed into a stylish quiff.

"Shut up Andy." I try to grumble but I can't stop smiling like an idiot.

"Breakfast is ready." Igor says a couple of seconds later. We go downstairs and see a table full of food. I never have seen so much food in whole my life.

"This is so cool." Andy mumbles. A giggle leaves my lips and we begin to eat. I eat so much my tummy starts to hurt.


"Follow me. I will bring you to your classroom. You both have the same schedule. We will appoint someone to show you around." The principal says with a smile on her face.

"Thank you very much." Andy and I say at the same time. That happens a lot.

"Here is your classroom." She says while knocking on the door.

"Come in." We hear a manly voice say. We walk inside and the principal, Mrs Anderson, whispers something to the teacher. The latter nods his head before looking in our direction. He is not the only one looking at us. The whole classroom is looking at us. I swallow noisily and Andy squeezes my hand for comfort.

"Hello, Andy and Spencer Hale. My name is Mr Sykes. I teach math." He is covered in tattoos and has a British accent. "Can you introduce yourself to the class?" The teacher asks. I almost sigh, I hate introductions.

"So, my name is Spencer Hale and this is Andy. We moved from Ohio to here." I say knowing that Andy hates introductions even more than me. "I think that's all." I sound more confident than I feel.

"Why do you have such a hot ass?" A boy says. He has blond dyed hair and golden-brown eyes.  I look him up and down with a raised eyebrow.

"Mr Bieber, that's a detention." Mr Sykes says with his British accent. He sounds very annoyed and I almost grin. "You can sit down. There are still some empty spots." He says to us, a friendly smile on his lips.

So that is the one I need to break. He looks not that hot. Why would anyone fall for such a pretentious little brat?

"What an ass." Andy whispers when we sit next to each other.

"Stop reading my mind, brother." I say with a grin. He laughs and slaps me playfully. After a couple of minutes I look at Justin who sits diagonally behind us. Justin winks cheekily at me and I frown at him. Then I look at Rose. She puts her thumbs up although her face is still bitchy.

A sigh leaves my lips. "If I didn't earn this much, I would have gone by now." I whisper to Andy.

"Yeah, I understand. Rose doesn't like you and Justin is a ladykiller. Not your type at all." He says with a light chuckle. I glare at him but he knows I'm not really mad at him. Stupid twin connection.


I promised Justin and here he was :p the next chapter will contain more Justin but I love slow built. ^^

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