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Spencer is a hitman. She gets hired by Rose Barrow to take revenge on Justin Bieber. Spencer doesn't need to kill him, but must break his heart in a million pieces while earning five thousand a month.


4. Chapter Four: Justin Player Bieber

The bell rings and everyone starts packing their stuff in a swift tempo.

"Not so quick, I need someone to guide Mr and Ms Hale around." Mr Sykes demands with a loud voice. A couple of people put their hand up voluntarily, Justin being one of them. "Okay, Justin Bieber, you can guide Andy around and Lucy Adams you can take Spencer under your wing."

"Why can't I guide Ms Hale around?" Justin asks with wiggling eyebrows.

"That's exactly the reason Mr Bieber." The teacher smiles and it seems that he has a soft spot for Justin. "Off you go." 

"Hello, so my name is Lucy. We have a free period now. Follow me." The girl smiles brightly and I like her instantly. We walk towards the corridor and before we can exit trough the door, there is a hand on my shoulder. My head snaps up and I see too brown eyes and a smirking mouth.

"We can all go together?" He proposes and I see Andy rolling his eyes behind him.

"Sorry, Justin. I have to see your face too many times. Fuck off and let me talk to the girl alone." Lucy says, not mean but nonetheless resolute. Justin sighs but his hand drops of my shoulder.

"Fine, but you come and sit with us for lunch." He says, another smirk covering his plump lips.

"No, we will not. Not with Rose around." Lucy has a disgusted look on her face and I like her even more. "Come on, Spencer. We have to get away from him before you get Justin-charm all over you. We don't want that on your first day." She takes my wrist and hauls me into the bight corridor. The last thing I see is Andy and Justin grinning. Both for another reason I suppose.

"Don't worry about me. Justin isn't really my type." I say as soon as she lets go of my wrist. She guffaws and I look at her questioningly.

"Justin is everyone's type, Spence." She explains her sudden outburst. I flinch a little at the nickname. My mother used to call me that. Lucy doesn't notice it. 

"Is he your type then?" I smile widely while asking the question.

"Gosh no, but that's because he's like a brother to me. My brother and he are best friends. We are neighbors too." She clarifies with a laugh. We walk in a great room full of tables. On my right side is a counter with lots of food and drinks. "This is the dining hall. It's open until school closes. Our table is over there." She points at a table in the back. "Raven will be joining us too. Your brother can come and sit with us too but I can imagine he rather sits with the boys." 

"Yeah, probably. We shall see." I say nodding. Lucy starts walking again, ponytail swinging behind her. 

Half an hour later, we are sitting in the grass beside the football pitch. Lucy is a very cheerful girl and I have to admit that I can use the positivity. 

"Look who we've got there. Justin Player Bieber and your brother. Seems like they like each other." Lucy says with a grin on her cute face. Andy is laughing at something Justin just said and they are coming our way.

"Hey sis. How was your tour around the place?" Andy asks while flopping beside me on the grass.

"Very nice. Lucy is a good tour guide. How was yours?" I ask him enthusiastically. 

"What do you think? I was his tour guide, gorgeous." Justin says while flopping down on my other side. His leg is pressed against mine and a playful grin has formed on his lips.

"Don't call me gorgeous. And I was asking my brother." I snap with rolling eyes.

"Bambi then. I will call you Bambi. You have legs like one." He is still grinning while he watches my outstretched legs.

"It was nice. Justin knows all the good places here." Andy says before I can slap Justin. I inhale deeply and smile at my brother. "Will you sit with us in the dining hall or?" 

"I'm sitting with Lucy and a girl named Raven." I answer. "I guess we'll eat at different tables then." It makes me a little uncomfortable. At our previous school we always sat together. We weren't very popular because we were so poor. We were bullied a lot. 

"Is that okay with you?" Andy asks concerned, thinking about the same thing as me.

"Yeah, no problem.  We are two grown-ups, aren't we?" I giggle a little. Wow, don't know where that came from. Andy looks at me with a frown and I just shrug.

"She is in good hands with us. Don't worry!" Lucy says with a grin. 

"You would be in good hands with me too. " Justin winks at me and it makes me laugh. He really is a player, Jeez. As if anyone would fall for that. Lucy looks at me with twinkling eyes and I shake my head at her. No way that his Bieber-charm is rubbing of on me, the opposite actually.

"And you could stand this pretentious brat for half an hour?" I ask my brother with a laugh. 

"It seems like it." He answers with a chuckle.

"Hey, I'm sitting right here. I can hear you." Justin pushes me playfully. I grumble some profanities and push him back. "Wow, you are strong Bambi." Astonishment is clear to see on Justin's face.

"What did you think? That I was some weak little girl?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. I hear Lucy giggle vigorously and I can't help but laugh with her.

"You look too cute to be strong." He says while chuckling.

"Oh, shut up you." I say with rolling eyes. "Andy, let him stop. He is hitting on me, your sister."  I look at my brother with an annoyed expression. Compliments are too horrible. Especially when a player says them.

"Yeah, Bieber. Leave my sister alone." Andy says, but without much bite. Justin looks at him with a smirk and Andy smirks right back at him.

"Andy!" I shout aghast. "What kind of brother are you?"

"A good one. I will protect you." He smiles before he gives me a hug. 


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