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Spencer is a hitman. She gets hired by Rose Barrow to take revenge on Justin Bieber. Spencer doesn't need to kill him, but must break his heart in a million pieces while earning five thousand a month.


5. Chapter Five: Teachers with tattoos

The third period starts and I sit next to Andy again. Justin is right behind us. Next to him is a boy with wavy blond hair and green eyes. His name is Caleb I watch as they talk with my brother.

"Can we face forward, please? The lesson is about to start." I hear a sweet voice ask. We turn around and the class is very silent. The teacher smiles and he is so cute. He has black hair and green eyes. Tattoos cover his arms and chest.

"All the teachers have tattoos." I whisper to my brother.

"Yeah, I didn't expect that in a school for rich kids." He sounds enthusiastic. Andy has a lot of tattoos, he is obsessed with them.

"I assume you two are the new students?" The teacher stands in front of our desk and now I see how small he is.

"Yes. We are Andy and Spencer." I say with a friendly smile on my lips.

"I'm Mr Quinn, your history teacher." He extents his hand to me and I shake it. "Nice to meet you."

He shakes my brother's hand too before walking back to the blackboard. Why the fuck are the teachers so nice here? He starts writing something on the board in capital letters and lets his gaze wander through the classroom before asking:

"So who knows something about Animal Trials?" The classroom is dead silent and Mr Quinn looks disappointed. My hand shoots in the air before I can stop it. The teacher's eyes light up with surprise. "Yes, Miss Hale?" 

"In the Middle Ages they used to trial animals. They sentenced animals to dead for killing a person. Even for plagues of insects there were trials, ordering them to leave town not only by a certain day, but by an exact time." I ramble. "Oh and the most common punishment was burning alive or a hanging."

"Damn." I hear Justin murmur behind me. My brother looks at me with a grin. 'Smartass' definitely the word on his mind right now.

"Very good Miss Hale. Looks like I finally found someone who will hand in a decent paper." Mr Quinn grins. The class groans when they hear the word paper. "I don't understand what's so bad about writing a paper. You have a lot of time and can choose a subject." 

"We still have to work on it." Justin retorts with a snort. The whole class starts laughing, even the teacher can't hide his smile.

"Yeah, Justin. We all know that you're lazy, but remember that if you don't make a good paper this time, you'll fail my class. Don't let that happen, okay?" Mr Quinn asks him, true concern in his eye.

"I will try." Justin murmurs.


The teacher Chemistry is called Mr Fuentes. In his class we have to do a project. He is currently explaining the details.

"So, I have made pairs. You have to work together and create your own perfume." He sounds so enthusiastic that I can't help but feel enthusiastic too. "It's for 50% of your grades. The one with the best smell wins four tickets to Paris." 

The whole class erupts in eager whispers. Everyone wants to win tickets to Paris apparently. As soon as the teacher tells them to calm down, everyone goes silent.

"So, I already made groups. You can switch if someone else wants to, of course." He explains before reading the pairs out loud.

Luckily I'm with Andy because the teacher didn't know yet that we would be attending his lesson.

"No, I don't want  you as my partner." I hear Justin's friend sigh.

"And you call yourself my friend?" Justin asks with a grin. When he sees I'm watching him he licks his bottom lip.

"Sis, maybe we can switch with them? So we can get to know other people here." Andy says out of nowhere. 

"Oh my God, and you call yourself my brother?" I mimic Justin. Andy chuckles and shrugs. 

"Spencer is excellent in chemistry. I am average. How are we going to pair up?" Andy asks Drew and Justin. I can't believe he is doing this. We always do everything together. 

'Mission.' He mouths at me and I just nod in annoyance.

"If you are really excellent Spencer then you should take Justin. He is a disaster really." Drew laughs.

"Hey I'm not that bad!" Justin defends himself. He even rolls his eyes at his friend.

"Remember that one time you got that greenish liquid on your pants and it burnt a hole in it? We saw your underpants with the little..." He gets interrupted by Justin's hand on his mouth. 

"Don't you dare." Justin laughs, cheeks a little red from embarrassment. "I got the point, alright. I am really bad in chemistry. At least in class. At the boy-girl chemistry I'm a pro." He smirks wile looking me right in the eyes.

"No, I think you suck in all chemistry." I say with a challenging grin on my face. 

"I wouldn't mind you sucking... my dick." He says the last two words very silently so only I can hear them. My brother is to busy talking to Caleb he doesn't notice

"You wish Bieber. You wish." I say with rolling eyes. Jesus, how perverted is he? 


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