The earth around me~

The person who inspired me to make my first ever poetry book was Umulius! Umulius made this amazing poetry called "A bouquet of blue for you" it's so beautiful and I recommend it to you guys!


2. The sun and rain~

the sun and rain~

As I hear the sound of rain hit the ground,

I smiled at the sound,

You took my hand,

And we ran threw the wet land,

You took me under a tree,

And the rain dripped from the leaves,

You told me "we where ment to be",

I smiled and agreed,

I looked into your eyes,

And I saw us living our lives,

You got on one knee,

Making me smile with glee,

You asked me for my hand,

So we can rule this land,

Never land is our home,

And we are never alone~


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