Devil's Little Girl

My name is Lilith Jezebel aka Lili and I am thirteen years old and yes my dad is lord of darkness, Lucifer, the devil however you want to call him. And I am his actual daughter, blood test proven. Hell is a bore for me, there is no one to play or to talk to other then century year old demons. So I decided to speak up to my father and tell him to send me to earth. I mean if I lived 13 years in hell, I am pretty sure I can live on earth.

Before I start this story I want to clear up something. I know the tittle of the book is a little strong religiously, but keep in mind that this is just a book and it has no intentions to make fun of your religion. Please avoid leaving religious comments or anything. This is just for entertainment, this is a comedy, nothing serious. Please if you are a strong believer and feel like religious stuff can hurt you or bother you, please do not read.


37. Chapter 35-Extra help

Chapter 35-Extra help

[Lili in class]

Bell rings to release class. Lili picks up her stuff. As the class leaves.

-“Lili!” Michael says

Lili turns around.

-“yeah?” Lili asks confused

-“mind if we have a chat?” Michael said

-“umm sure, I guess, why not?”

-“see you at lunch” Layla said leaving

-“yeah” Lili says

Lili walks to the teacher.

-“Lili Jesibel? Right?” Michael asks


"Original last name…Egypt?”

-“umm I am not sure…not to be mean but did you call me to talk about my name?”

-“no, no of course not, actually I was reading your reports of what Mr. Garrett, rest in peace, left about you”


-“and let’s just say…they were the worst of the class”

-“that is impossible, I mean I understand not the best of all but can’t be the worst of the class I mean…”

-“hey! Hey! Calm down, they are the worst but with a few extra pushes you will be right back on track, do you have anyone who can help you?”

-“well…I guess I ask Layla for some help”

-“Layla Cosgrove?”

-“yeah…you are pretty good remembering names aren’t you?” Lili said a little confused

-“can’t complain”

Lili looks at Michael suspicious.

-“look, Layla looks like she is a smart girl and I would definitely recommend her help but then again, Layla is also a student, me on the other hand can’t help with exactly what you need”

-“are you offering to help me?”

-“I am giving you the choice to choose” Michael lays back on his chair –“I just want you to go fairly good”

Lili thinks.

-“I guess your help is the best deal”

-“awesome, we can start tomorrow after school at your place”

-“m-my place?”

-“yeah, unless of course you find it inappropriate!”

-“umm no, no, it’s…its fine” Lili says a little nervous

-“you sure?”

-“yeah! Totally!”

-“great see you after then!”

-“right! See you later” Lili says then walking out of the class room

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