Devil's Little Girl

My name is Lilith Jezebel aka Lili and I am thirteen years old and yes my dad is lord of darkness, Lucifer, the devil however you want to call him. And I am his actual daughter, blood test proven. Hell is a bore for me, there is no one to play or to talk to other then century year old demons. So I decided to speak up to my father and tell him to send me to earth. I mean if I lived 13 years in hell, I am pretty sure I can live on earth.

Before I start this story I want to clear up something. I know the tittle of the book is a little strong religiously, but keep in mind that this is just a book and it has no intentions to make fun of your religion. Please avoid leaving religious comments or anything. This is just for entertainment, this is a comedy, nothing serious. Please if you are a strong believer and feel like religious stuff can hurt you or bother you, please do not read.


15. Chapter 13- Things go too far

Chapter 13- Things go too far

[Next day at school]

Lili eating with Jacob.

-“I don’t know why you say school breakfast sucks…this is amazing oatmeal” Lili says

Jacob looks at Lili’s food

-“who told you that was oatmeal?” Jacob asks

-“the kitchen lady…why?”

-“because your “oatmeal” is breathing” Jacob says

Lili looks at the bowl and slowly pushes it away.

-“you should eat breakfast at home” Jacob said

-“I know I just…I woke up way to late because I barley slept last night”

-“any reason?”

-“…well I guess you can say family issues”

-“wish I can say I understand but…barley talk to my parents and when I do I try not to make it an issue”

-“you don’t talk to them?”

-“as I said, barley, I don’t live with them…I live with my grandfather”

-“oh well honestly I can relate…not completely but in a way”

-“yeah I get it, you live with your uncle, right?


-“I used to live with my grandmother also but she passed away like two years ago no one never knew how, my grandfather always kept saying it was evil, no one really knew what he means…”

Lili just looks at Jacob

{First bell rings}

-“great class” Jacob says in sarcasm

Lili laughs

-“I think our classroom are next to each other, need company?” Jacob asked

-“actually I am heading to the bathroom first, wash my face to see if I can wake up a little”

-“alright see you later then”

Lili heads to the bathroom and three girls follow her.

Lili enters the bathroom before bell rings. Three other girls enter.

-“well, look who it is…if it isn’t the new girl” one of the girls say

-“well actually the new girl has a name, hi, I’m Lili” Lili said washing her hand

-“I don’t recall me asking either caring” the girl said

-“oh…I just though-”

-“I don’t think you had a proper welcome ceremony, have you?”

-“ceremony?” Lili asked confused

-“yeah…Rebeca why don’t you lock the door”

Rebeca goes and locks door. Lili confused of the situation.

-“what is really going on here?”

One of the girls pushes Lili. Lili turns around quickly and places her hands on the sink counter to stop her fall. Lili gets mad and looks at the mirror.

-“oops, did we push you to hard?” one of the girl said teasing Lili

Lili closes her eyes and tries to calm

-“are you meditating?”

-“invocare” Lili says almost whispering in Latin and the opens her eyes fast

As Lili opens her eyes the red on her eyes slowly fading. None of the girls notice

-“so what? You talk to yourself? Have no friends yet?” one of the girls said laughing

-“I’m warning you, let me go and none of you will be hurt”

-“oh my God! Did you hear her? “Let me go and you won’t get hurt”” one girl said teasing Lili

-“your choice” Lili says calmly

-"how about a swirly girl?"

The girls smile

-"I'll grab her and you girl her head"

-"touch me and you will regret it" Lili said calmly

-“who do you think you are?” a girl goes to grab Lili

The girl arm is stopped and grabbed by her wrist by a dark hand with long fingers and nails stretching out his arm from the mirror. The three girl petrified.

-“I gave you a chance, you should have just taken it”

The hands squeezes the girl’s wrist almost as much to break it. The two girls look in the mirror at the reflection Lili’s back with two long black and red wings dripping blood

-“now, what are you going to do? You look hopeless and scared” Lili said then looked at the other two girls scared at her

Lili then looks at the girl being grabbed by her wrist. She places her hands on her jaw.

-“pathetic human’s think you are evil, and then screaming forgiveness when they really encounter evil, true evil…so now what? Just going to cry?”

The girls still in shock. And the girl crying of pain by the hand grabbing her.

-“you girls are not worth it…abando!” Lili screams

The arm rapidly goes back into the mirror. Lili look at the mirror as the three girl also. Lili’s eyes go red

-“go to class and forget what just happened here” Lili chanted to all three at the same time since they were all looking at her through the mirror

The three girls leave the bathroom. Lili looks at herself in the mirror disappointed and then heads to class.

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