Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


5. .5

When I fell to the floor crying Calum looked at me and got on the ground with me and hugged me "Shh it's okay" he comforted me and I looked up at him hugging him he took my hand and I followed him to where he was going.

"Here we go "he smiled opening the door I seen all the boys I cried a little bit "Violeta" Ashton cooed I nodded "You're adorable" Michael said "Hey giraffe" I patted Luke's back everyone in the room laughed.

I sat down feeling highly uncomfortable and I couldn't do it I wanted to scream and run out of the room I began to shake "I-I I'm have to bathroom" I looked around "to the right" Calum directed me.

I went in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. "You can do it Violeta" I said to myself calmly "yeah right fat ass"

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