Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


2. .2

I sat in my bed messing with my covers I pulled my out from under the pillow and went into wattpad and read calum imagines about dating him.

'Its hopeless you read that he's never someone for you' cat waked out of my mirror I shook my head "shut up Cat you have no Idea how much I love him".

'he wouldn't love your scars' she huffed and sat on my bed a the edge "why are you here cat?" I was feeling the urge to cut now 'here I got you a blade' she handed it too me and I seen all the scars on her arms in witch she never showed off.

"I-I don't want that" I turned my attention to my phone again 'you do I can hear your thoughts Violet' I glared at her "don't call me that" she turned her head like she was confused 'that's you name'

"No my name is Violeta" I scoffed at her 'hmm'.

"Whatever" I walked to my mirror and then I picked my shirt up and look at my stomach poking at it aggressively 'fatty'

Ana yelled at me then Mia came in 'honey I'm proud what you did In the bathroom' I smiled

I seen her in the mirror too along with Perrie and Ana and Cat was still in my room Izzy came along too. Ana came out of the mirror 'how much do you weigh'

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