Short Stories

This book is basically short stories created by song lyrics!

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3. Broken Home - 5 Seconds of Summer







They would yell, they would scream, they were fighting it out
She would hope, she would pray, she was waiting it out


"Are you fvcking blind?! Just stop already! I'm sick of how you think that we're fine! We're not fine at all Alex!"

No. No, no, no. Not again. Please, not again.

"I know we're not fine! Sorry for trying to be a good husband! I didn't want to cause more stress to my dear wife!"

"Oh please! A good husband is the last thing you are! Don't even mention being a good father, because you're not. Look at your daughter! You've changed her mind! You are the one manipulating her to go with you! It's all your fault! You and your stupid idea to go back! This wouldn't have happened if you didn't have the pathetic urge to leave!"


This is all my fault, it's me they're fighting over. Why did this have to happen?


Please stop.



Why? Why God? Why is this happening? Why are you making this hard on me?

Having my face pressed against my pillow, muffling my sobs in them was becoming a common thing. I would cry in agony, quietly. In my room, listening to their arguments, insults starting the whole voice competition. The purple pillow supplying the physical contact I needed. I would cling onto it, biting into it so they wouldn't hear their pathetic daughter sob.

Lord forbid they heard me. Because I know that if they did, one would blame the other for the cause. The last thing I want is these arguments to go further.

Hearing my dads yelling made him turn into a complete stranger. I didn't recognize him. It made my body flinch, fearing of what might happen to my mom.

My moms screaming mixed with a pleading tone only triggered me more. It was always the way she pleaded and the way she would begin to cry that brought me down even more.

What kind of daughter am I?


Holding onto a dream
While she watches these walls fall down


"I love animals, I just want the ones who are sick or almost dying to run again. I want to be a vet."

I smiled widely before take another spoonful of my food. Every Saturday we had breakfast and lunch together as a family. We would talk, laugh, it was a good time.

"Well honey, you know anything in the medical field takes time. It's not easy." My mom said while wiping her lip with a napkin.

"Oh, I know. And I'm willing to do what it takes." I said confidently.

"Well, you know in order to be the best, you have to finish school, get good grades. So then maybe you won't just be an employee, but the leader of your own business. That would be better here in this state." My dad said.

"That's true. Like I said, I'll do what it's takes."


"I chose the medical class this year. I picked this school because of it. This class will help me a lot."

It was Saturday afternoon again. My mom, dad and older brother listening to what I had to say.

"That's good, it's better to start early than late."

I had things planned out in my mind. I'd be here, living my dreams. With my parents, my friends and the rest of my family. I'd imagine myself receiving severely injured pets. I would try to mentally prepare myself for what I could be getting in the future.

Just me doing what I like.


All of those dreams, those images all thrown away. All created for nothing. They were all shattered, they couldn't be anymore. I didn't want this to happen. I wanted it to all be good. To have my family together as I battled in life, as I succeeded.

I shouldn't think ahead of myself. Because things aren't going to end up like that; I was preparing myself for something good, exciting, to just watch it all go down somewhere midway.

Now, my future was hanging. I didn't know what was going to happen with me. Who I was going to end up with. Because I "could" decide, but in the end one of them will decide for me. All that I had in mind was ruined.

It hurts me thinking how my family will be divided.


Sharp words like knives, they were cutting her down
Shattered glass like the past, it's a memory now


"You're a fvcking idiot. I swear, just respect what I want to do, what your daughter wants to do! This doesn't come from thin air, you know my family needs me."

"We're your family Alex!" She yelled desperately.

"I know! But they need my help! And you know that very well! You think not seeing my family doesn't bother me? You don't feel it because you have majority of yours here! You're being selfish!"

"No, you're mental if you think you are taking my daughter with you. She's staying here until she finishes at least high school! Until then she could leave if she wants, but until then she's staying!"

"Why did I even marry such a problematic woman, damn it! She told you to respect her decision, and you said you did! Now look at what you're doing!"

"Why do you say those things?!" My mom cried.

"Because you're being stubborn and just plain selfish!"

"Me?! You're the one that's being stubborn. You know what? Leave!"


No, no. Stop throwing stuff. It's getting worse.

"I could care less now! But you're not taking my daughter with you! You're no use here anyway!"


"Alex, did you take out the chairs?"

"Uh, yeah! The table is set!"

I always liked when the whole family came together. It was thanksgiving and my moms family was coming over. My dad had helped set up everything, he tried to help my mom so she wouldn't become stressed and tired.

As I made my way to the living room, I heard the laughter of mom come from the kitchen. Sneaking my head in, I saw my dads arms wrapped around my moms waist, his face nuzzled in my moms neck as my mom laughed.

I smiled before heading to the living room again.


It was Friday night already. My moms strained voice called out from the living room. My brother and I left our caves and got together with my parents to pray. To thank God for all he has provided us with. Our hands interlocked with one another all of us forming a small circle.

"Let's pray."

Whenever my mom prayed, she spoke with such passion. She meant every word that came out of her lips. At times she would cry, just for how helpful God is.


After every prayer, we all did a group hug. We would laugh and just hug it out. Then we would all go back to our rooms, for once the house being in silence; peaceful.


That's the past now. I can't go back to it whenever I wanted. This isn't a book where everything could happen. This was reality, and I didn't like it one bit.


Holding onto a dream
While she watches these walls fall down


It's stupid of me to hold on to those old aspirations I had. All this time I've been holding on to an image that I thought would be my future, but all I'm seeing is it getting destroyed little by little. And it was starting with my family.


Hey mom, hey dad
When did this end?
When did you lose your happiness?
I'm here alone inside of this broken home.


One of my friends would tell me to talk to them. At least to my mom to tell how that I'm firm in my decision and that she should respect it. But the thing is, I didn't even know if I'm really that sure f I want to go. I don't know what I want for myself.

I hate what this has become.

The happiness of my parents torn apart because of what I want. It all just happened in a blink of an eye. These arguments began to happen out of the blur - or so it seemed to my brother and I. - Little did we know that we would be hearing it more frequently. They began to argue about the little things like; why didn't you put the food away? Or why didn't you clean this or that? But the thing that always put me down was the end. From those small things they would argue from, it ended in me leaving with my dad.

It was my fault they were arguing. It's why this is happening, it's what tearing them apart. They are the ones that unintentionally blame this on me.

And to make it worse for me, I have to listen to those arguments. Don't they know I can hear them? Don't they know that all of this just affects me? That it makes me feel weak and alone? I have no one in those moments. Not even my brother because he's at work during these times.

I'm all alone inside of this broken home.


Who's right, who's wrong
Who really cares?
The fault, the blame, the pain's still there
I'm here alone inside of this broken home, this broken home


"Look at what you've down! You're making your daughter cry!"

"Me?! You are the one yelling!"

"At least I'm not the one throwing things like a mental person!"

"Shut up! Just shut your mouth! I have had enough of your disparage! We both know this is your fault! Your daughter wouldn't have even thought of leaving if you didn't take the initiative!" My mother cried out loud.

"Here we go again with the same crap - , yes I said I wanted to leave, but did I tell her to come with me? - "

My mom cut him off with a scoff, "I bet you did. I wouldn't be surprised." She sneered.

What's the point of blaming? What will they get out of it? Nothing is the answer. No matter how much they blame each other, doesn't matter if they know whose fault it is, the damage is done. They have insulted each other, thrown things, going as far as regretting marrying each other. And all their regrets that they shout at night all heard by their inconsolably daughter, who has to hear them every day. At the end of the day, the love just wasn't there anymore, they were just living together. They were nothing but bad roommates.


Wrote it down on the walls, she was screaming it out
Made it clear, she's still here, are you listening now?
Just a ghost in the halls
Feeling empty, they're vacant now


"Melissa, come on. Are you ready?"

I heard my dad's keys cling against each other as he moved. I stuffed my phone in my pocket before heading out.

"Alright, I'm ready." I smiled.

"Wait! I'm coming too."My mom came jogging from the hallway, slightly out of breath.

We made our way towards our small and humble grey car; everything going well. It was only matter of seconds before their voices started to increase; all starting as simple "banter." But it wasn't.

"You know what? If you're going to put yourself in this plan, I'll turn and take you back to the apartment."

"If you drop me off, I'm taking the keys and you're not going anywhere!"

The car soon started to reverse and head back to the entrance of our apartments. My dad stopped the car in front of the apartment while my mom glared down on him.

"Get off will you?" My dad said trying to say calmly.

"No! Why are you acting this way?!"

"Just shut your mouth and get off." My dad hissed.

"I am not getting off this car! And give me the key!"

My dad threw the keys her way harshly, causing more tension.

"Why are you getting so offensive?!" My mom yelled louder than before.

"You should now by now, that I don't like it when you start nagging about the things I do. Learn to keep quiet, ok, now give me the key."

"No, I will not give you the key. You haven't even said sorry because of the way you are act - "

"Give me the keys!"

"Not with the way you are acting!" My mom heaved out as she stuffed the key in her purse.

"Ok fine. I'm sorry. Now give me the keys."

She looked at him in disbelief, scoffing as she shook her head.

"You don't mean I - "

"For Gods sake! Give me the damn keys!" His large hands hit the steering wheel making the car shake slightly.

I was terrified at what could happen at any second. My mind kept tricking me, making me believe that my dad's arms were retaining themselves from landing on my mom. What baffled me more was that they got to the point where they just didn't care if they argued in front of me.

"Here, take the damn keys," She muttered throwing the keys at him, "But I'm not getting of.


From there, things just weren't the same. Events like those would happen more often, and my head ached at the thought of this going too extreme. Violence.

There was no more laughter in the house. They didn't watch tv together anymore, one would eat earlier than the other to not see each other's face. They insulted each other as if it were the most normal thing to do after every phrase. Up to this point, not even the music could drown out the yelling, the artists voice was giving up day by day, like my hope to have my family once again.

Endless nights filled with silent tears and pleads. All heard by no one but the walls, the things that witnessed my tears, my insecurities, the things that saw my world coming to an end. They were the things that I would lean against, gently letting my fingers glide on it as I cried helplessly, silently.

Nothing was ever going to be the same, that I know. All the space I had in my heart was empty, the love of my family just wasn't there anymore.


All the battles, all the wars, all the times that you've fought
She's a scar, she's the bruising, she's the pain that you brought
There was life, there was love
Like a light and it's fading out


I was always the shy type of girl, but that didn't mean I didn't smile a lot. Even when I had small bad moments, I never really let it hold me down. Until now, where it has gotten what I appreciate the most in my entire life; my family. As insults flew across the room, it was a bruise, because at times, I felt like it was directly more towards me. All the glasses that shattered on the floor left scars on me, as if gliding against my own skin, making me remember what happened that day.

There wasn't a day, not a night, where my mind subconsciously made me remember the times where it was laughs and happiness. We did had problems here and there, but they were always resolved in the end, but this... this is much more than a deep scar. Cuts could heal, but scars are left and they never leave, they're there to remind you of the past, of the difficult times, or just an accident. My parents could go their own separate ways, but there would always be that memory of the family we once had going strong. But it also would remind them of the failing marriage they went through.

Hey mom, hey dad
When did this end?
When did you lose your happiness?
I'm here alone inside of this broken home

Who's right, who's wrong
Who really cares?
The fault, the blame, the pain's still there
I'm here alone inside of this broken home, this broken home


You've gotta let it go, you're losing all your hope
Nothing left to hold, locked out in the cold
Your painted memories that washed out all the seas
I'm stuck in between a nightmare and lost dreams


It's no use. The everlasting arguments. There was nothing left for either of them in this relationship.

"Have you thought of getting a divorce?"

What's left of this family? How could it even be a family when love isn't being spread? Memories are memories, at some point we have to let them go and just be what they are; a memory, not the present. I have to accept that I have nothing left of this broken family. I never like feeling disoriented, I always planned things out, but I didn't for this. This was never seen as an obstacle, I didn't have a solution for this one.

The pictures on the wall didn't even seem real anymore. It was as if someone painted it, from their imagination; faded, not clear as if it happened or not, not much detail because of it slowly coming off to a not actual life event.

It's all gone.


Hey mum, hey dad
When did this end?
When did you lose your happiness?
I'm here alone inside of this broken home
Hey mum, hey dad
When did this end?
When did you lose your happiness?

I'm here alone inside of this broken home

"Yes, I have thought of it..."

Who's right, who's wrong
Who really cares?
The fault, the blame, the pain's still there
I'm here alone inside of this broken home
This broken home

"Then do it."


So this is it! Broken home! I hope you enjoyed it even if it was an upsetting topic, but many individuals go through these types of problems. 

If you have any requests, don't be afraid to message me. I'll be glad to take them !


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