Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


8. 8

At Goron Industries Headquarters, Goron walked inside and past the reception desk as a guard looked up, noticed Goron and said, “Evening sir.” Goron nodded grimly and gave a grunt as he continued till he reached one of the elevators, pressed the up button and when the doors opened he boarded.  The elevator went up till it reached the 15th floor and stopped and a female voice said, “Retinal scan to proceed.” A small glass appeared on the elevator number panel and Goron bend over and looked at it with his right eye as it is scanned and the same female voice said, “Thank You Mr. Goron, have a nice day.” Gordon stood and continued to look grimly as the elevator continued moving up till it reached the 35th floor.  The elevator doors opened and Goron stepped outing past and empty desk before going up a spiral staircase where at the top Goron transformed into Raven and Gabriel said (through Raven’s earpiece), “You’re all clear.  Try not to make too much noise.” Raven sighed and rolled her eyes before she went behind Goron’s desk and began looking through all the drawers and files within.  Raven said, “Nothing in the drawers.” She checked the various papers on his desk and after a few moments said, “Nothing.” Gabriel calmly said, “Then there has to be a hidden vault.” Raven looked around and noticed a large painting on the wall behind the desk that depicted Goron standing upright with his hands on his hips and looking up to his right with a look of confidence and Gabriel said, “He definitely loves himself.” Raven pulled the left corner of the painting’s frame and the painting swung open to reveal a fingerprint reader behind it.  Raven put her thumb on the fingerprint reader, as it transformed into Goron’s thumb, and the hidden vault size door swung open.  


    Raven stepped inside and opened the first slide out board in the vault to reveal blueprints of the UAV.  Raven pulled out an earpiece from her left ear and faced it at the blueprints before pressing a small button on the side to take pictures.  Raven said, “Tell Saji if he makes any cameras any smaller I won’t be able to take ANY pictures.” Gabriel said, “I’ll be sure to tell him that.” She closed the slide and opened another slide out board to show files in see-through holders labeled Weapons Test and Experimental Research.  She pulled out the Weapons Test folder and set it on the small table to the side and took pictures of each page before putting it back and she repeated to the Experimental Research folder before putting it away and closing the slide out board.  She then transformed back into Goron and walked out of the vault and closed it before leaving Goron’s office.


    In her non-mutant form and wearing plain clothes, Raven entered a fancy hotel room as Gabriel entered from the balcony with his communicator in hand and he said, “Starfleet called and they want to congratulate us but we now have another mission they assigned us.” Raven held her head back as she looked up at the ceiling and gave an irritated grunt and said, “Seriously?  I need a break!” Gabriel sat in the soft chair facing the door and Raven as he smirked and said, “Then take one.  After all, we have the night for ourselves.” Raven looked at him with an irritated expression before she transformed her non-mutant form to have short blond hair and a black, open dress as she stared at him and said, “I’ll give you a lap dance, but that’s it.” Gabriel looked at her innocently and said, “What?  I didn’t say anything!” Raven smirked as she held back her laughter before walking up to Gabriel and straddled him on the soft chair.

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