Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


5. 5

In the room, Erik Lensherr “Magneto” appeared before Raven’s eyes and she looked up in shock and said, “Erik?” Suddenly he stretched out his hand and the phaser Raven was holding onto was yanked from her grasp and into Magneto’s as he pointed it directly at Raven and said, “I’m sorry Raven, but as long as you serve under the Federation, no one is safe.” Raven looked fearful as Magneto was about to pull the trigger when suddenly the Tellarite grumbled and stood in Magneto’s way (unknowingly as he rubbed his head) and Raven kicked him with both feet as she flipped over and the Tellarite hit Magneto and they both fell to the floor as Raven began running down the full length of the table.  


    Gabriel waited, all the while controlling his anxiety, when suddenly he saw Raven sprinting down the length of the table, jumped and smashed through the window with her arms shielding her face and her legs and feet up and Gabriel said, “Shit!” And as soon as she smashed through the window and started to fall he saw a bolt of red light strike at Raven’s right calf and she fell and hit the stone ground below with her hands and arms in front of her.  Gabriel gripped the rifle so tight that the wooden stock in his grip cracked as he watched Raven lying still and Gabriel whispered to himself with growing anxiety and fear, “Come on Raven.  Get up!”  He starred down his scope as Raven continued to lie still when suddenly she began to move and got up on her feet, leaning her body towards her left.  Gabriel said firmly, “Mystique you need to get out of there now!”  Raven looked about her and saw everyone was looking at her with shock and fear and she looked at a woman, close to her, with long blond hair and she transformed to her as the real woman and the people surrounding her stood back from the metal, barrier fence gasping in shock.  Raven then proceeded to limp away, not seeing Magneto gliding down behind her as everyone behind the fence stepped back, gasped and pointed in shock while others yelled out incoherent languages that Raven did not pay attention to translate when suddenly she was pulled and fell to the ground as she yelped in pain.  Raven tried to claw her way forward only to be dragged back as she yelled in pain and she turned and saw it was Magneto as she continued to cry out in pain while holding onto her wounded calf that is pulled up towards Magneto’s raised right hand.  Raven accidentally transformed back to herself and when she stopped in front of Magneto she grasped her leg and screamed as a small pellet was pulled out where she was shot on her calf and hovered in front of her and Magneto.  Magneto said, “Sorry Mystique.” Raven looked at him with a pleading expression and said, “Erik.”

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