Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


13. 13

The Yorktown continued to orbit the planet as Raven and Gabriel rematerialized in the transporter room.  They both stepped off the transporter pads and the transporter chief said, “Is your mission a success captain?” Gabriel looked at him with an agreeable look on his face and said, “Yes chief.” He then looked puzzled and said, “Why do you ask?” The transporter chief replied, “Just wondering, cause the authorities on the planet are angry and are giving Lt. Commander Malone are hard time on the bridge wondering why we are here.” Gabriel smirked and replied, “Well tell the Lt. Commander to not worry and prepare to get underway.  We will join her on the bridge once we submit this file to Starfleet Command and send them our report.” The transporter chief replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel and Raven exited the transporter room and Raven said, “This file better have something important cause I am not going back to that disgusting planet.” Gabriel said, “I believe we are done anyway since we used up all our leads.” They entered Gabriel’s quarters and Gabriel pressed a button next to his desk monitor and said, “Communications hail Admiral Luckley for me please.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel then looked up from his desk to Raven and said, “You know what, go ahead and relieve Lt. Commander Malone.  If what the transporter chief says its true then you should be up there to clear things up and tell the authorities we are on a classified mission by Starfleet Command.”  Raven replied, “I’m sure Malone will be relieved.”  Gabriel smirked and said, “That is why I am sending you.” Raven sighed and shook her head as she turned to leave, but before she left the room as the door opened she turned back and said, “You better not take long.  That last thing I want is for them to ask me a thousand questions and I might just feel like firing a single torpedo at them just to shut them up.” Gabriel stifled a laugh and replied, “With that I won’t be long at all.” Raven left as she turned her head to prevent Gabriel from seeing her smirking to his comment.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Raven stepped onto the bridge as the everyone continued their normal duties except there was a muffled yelling noise coming from the communications console as the Lt. behind it cringed and removed his ear piece while Lt. Commander Malone looked grim at the console and then at Raven and said (with a hint of relief), “Welcome back commander.” Raven stood before communications and Malone and said, “Status report.” Malone said, “Starfleet has been notified of what has happened and they sent their compliments with the exception of Zhargosia.  There is also a personal message waiting for the captain from a David Crow, otherwise all systems are fully functional and all stations are standing by.” Raven said, “Thank You, maintain standard orbit till the captain arrives.” Malone replied, “Yes ma’m.” She resumed her station as Raven approached the command chair but stood by hesitantly as she looked at it, debating whether she should sit in it or not.  


    Raven said to herself, “What the hell.” And she put her hands on the arm rests and began to sit down till just as she touched the cushion the turbo lift doors opened behind her and a voice said, “Too late.” Raven stood up and looked behind her, alert, and saw Gabriel in his yellow Starfleet uniform.  He approached and Raven stood back as he sat and she said (with a hint of frustration), “You have one hell of a sense of timing.” Gabriel smirked and said, “No, it just happens.” He sat in the chair and made a comfortable sigh and said, “Maybe next time commander.  What’s the ship’s status?” Raven said, “All stations are standing by and all systems are fully operational.  Also Starfleet has congratulate us on completing the mission, but Zhargosia does not feel the same way and you have a personal message from a David Crow.” Gabriel raised his right eye brow at her, curiously, and said, “David Crow?  Haven’t heard from him in a long time.” Raven said, “Besides that why would Starfleet congratulate us if we didn’t apprehend the Red Skull?” Gabriel replied, “Because the file we got contains the blue prints and details of the rifles the Red Skull and HYDRA were building to sell on the black market that were stolen and apparently the reason why they are selling them is because HYDRA is running out of funding.” Raven looked confused and said, “Running out of funding?  I thought HYDRA has powerful friends or their leaders have vast amounts of wealth.” Gabriel said, “They still have some powerful or rich allies but not enough where HYDRA can pursue their interests outside Terminar and as a result it has driven them to the state, of what you call, bankruptcy.” Raven said, “But would they be more dangerous now than what they were?” Gabriel said, “Hmm, yes and no.  They will try to find another way to get more money to either expand or continue what they plan on doing in the future, but at the same time they will essentially downgrade themselves to bank robbers.” Raven said, “Has Starfleet issued anymore orders?” Gabriel said, “For now they said to maintain this orbit till we are called upon shortly.” Raven said, “The authorities on the planet below are not going to like this.” Gabriel replied (with a sarcastic pity expression), “Aww, too bad.  And tell them we are ordered to stay temporarily till ordered otherwise by Starfleet.” Raven smirked with satisfaction and said, “Yes sir.” And she approached communications as Gabriel sat back in his seat comfortably.

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