Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


11. 11

At the last moment she grabbed the edge of the walkway and dangled in the air.  She struggled to pull herself up and she looked in the direction of the Red Skull and saw him exiting the back of the building hurriedly.  As Raven struggled to maintain her hold she said to herself, “Damnit, Gabriel is going to be...” All of a sudden a metal pole fell on her finger tips and her hands accidentally let go and she fell gasping in shock.  Suddenly something grabbed her and snatched her away from falling as she wrapped her arms around the person’s shoulders holding on.  When she looked at who it was she saw Gabriel in his suit he wore when he saved her from Magneto.  Gabriel smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry Raven, I got you.” Raven looked at him first shocked and then irritated and said, “I’m getting tired of you rescuing me all the time.” Gabriel laughed as he flew down while all around them workers from nearby construction yards gathered and one of the large, tall cranes, close to the burning building, broke apart and began to fall towards Raven and Gabriel as one of the support beams melted from the intense heat.


    Gabriel and Raven looked up and saw the crane falling down towards them as Raven looked astonished and Gabriel changed direction and flew straight up and caught the falling crane with his right hand while holding Raven with his left around her waist.  The workers below them clapped and cheered as Gabriel moved the crane away from them to them to the right effortlessly as Raven looked down then at him and smirked and said, “Show off.” As Gabriel smirked.  He gently lowered the crane down to the ground as he set Raven down when all of a sudden a HYDRA soldier pointed a phaser rifle at the back of his head and said, “Don’t move big boy!” Five more soldiers appeared from the crowd of workers as they shouted and stood back as they were forced or moved away with Red Skull walking ahead of the soldiers and stopped as he saw Gabriel and Raven.  He smirked at them as Raven glared at him with her hands raised while Gabriel stood and looked back at him expressionless and Red Skull said, “I have to say you do possess the power of the gods!  Only your weakness is you care about these people that are beneath you!” Gabriel smirked and said, “Says a talking Cherry top.” Red Skull cringed in anger and yelled, “Idiot!  Let’s see if you could withstand a full phaser blast in the face!  Kill him!”  Before the soldier could pull the trigger, Gabriel turned and kicked the soldier in the mid-section and he flew and smashed through a crate before his back slammed up against the metal wall of one of the buildings and bounced off unconscious as he yelped in shock.  The other HYDRA soldiers started shooting at him but Gabriel dodged the incoming phaser rifle blasts in lightening speed and ran up to one soldier, knocked the rifle out of his hands and kicked him across the face knocking him out and kicked another in the mid-section sending him flying back as he screamed and bounced off the metal wall of another building before falling to the ground unconscious.  Continuing to run at lightening speed he punched another in the face and knocked him out as well before kicking a phaser rifle on another soldier’s hands so hard that it shattered to pieces right before their eyes and Gabriel punched the soldier in the throat making him gasp for air as he grabbed his own throat before Gabriel kicked him in the groin and flew high up in the air.  The last soldier aimed at Gabriel’s back but before he knew it Gabriel sped right behind him and performed a light karate chop on his neck that immediately forced the soldier to crumple onto the ground and laid unconscious.  Gabriel turned to face the Red Skull when the soldier that flew into the air fell and smashed through a crate behind him and made a groaning sound as he laid motionless but as Gabriel looked towards the Red Skull he saw a Lugar with a blue energy cartridge pointed directly at his face as the Red Skull looked at him angrily and said, “You don’t know when to give up do you?” Gabriel said blatantly, “No.” Red Skull fired his gun but in a flash Gabriel dodged the shot and kicked the Red Skull in the chest and flew back losing the grip on his Lugar as he fell on the ground hard.  


    Red Skull groaned as he tried to get up and Gabriel said, “Ready for a world of pain?” Red Skull said, “Not yet.” He pulled back the sleeve over his right wrist revealing a small wrist band with a single button on it and the Red Skull pressed it and before Gabriel’s eyes the Red Skull dematerialized.  Gabriel sighed and said, “Damn.” He pulled out his communicator from his gold belt and flipped it open and said, “Captain to Yorktown, Ms. Malone do you detect a ship in orbit?” Malone replied, “Nothing on our scanners sir.” Gabriel looked grim and said, “Keep an eye out, the Red Skull’s ship may have a cloaking device.” Malone replied, “Aye sir.” The workers around Gabriel and Raven looked around in shock and awe when there was a single clap sound and Gabriel looked back to see Raven leaning against the wrecked crane to see it was Raven and she said, “Nice performance.” Gabriel smirked and said, “You could have at least taken one of them out.” Raven said, “True, but you can obviously take care of them yourself.” Gabriel’s communicator beeped and he pulled it out and said, “Did you find him?” Malone replied, “No sir, but Adm. Luckley is on the line.” Gabriel said, “Put him through.” After a few moments he said,  “Yes admiral?” Luckley said in an upset tone, “Captain Valkyrie you and Mystique have made one hell of a mess!” Both Gabriel and Raven looked on grimly as Luckley continued, “Not only was a manufacturing plant destroyed and a building crane, but the corrupt officials we wanted you to apprehend are all but killed.” Gabriel said, “Sir with all due respect, Mystique was following my orders to the letter but she, as well as I, did not know the weapons the Red Skull was suppling the corrupt officials with are highly unstable leading to the events that have unfolded.” Malone cut in and said, “I’m sorry sir but we have the Red Skull’s location!”  Gabriel said, “Go ahead commander!” Malone said, “He seems to be trying to reach a ship that is located next to a chemical factory in sector 75.  I’m sending the coordinates to Commander Darkholme now.” Raven pulled out her communicator, looked at it and said, “Got it.” Gabriel said, “Thank You commander.  Sorry admiral, but we have the Red Skull’s location and we are on our way to apprehend him.” Luckley replied, “Good luck captain, but this time take him alive and don’t destroy or damage anything else.” Gabriel smirked and said, “Acknowledge admiral, Captain Valkyrie out.” As he put his communicator away Raven said, “He’s not too far from us, about five miles away behind me.” Gabriel smirked and said, “Mind if I carry you again?” Raven sighed and said, “Do I have a choice?” She wrapped her arms around him as he picked her up and flew away leaving the workers and local police looking up at them in awe.

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