Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


10. 10

On the planet’s surface, outside a manufacturing plant, Raven materialized and looked up at a large warehouse with the number 275 labeled on the top wall before waling over to the left side of the building plant and climbed up a set of stairs to look through one of the side windows.  As Raven looked through the window she transformed into a maintenance worker and saw an assembly line of silver rifles being produced and a small group of men stood at the end waiting till a tall man in a black uniform and a face of a red skull appeared and the group of men stood at attention and one of them said, “Evening Red Skull!” Raven looked alert as she watched as Red Skull said, “Evening gentlemen.  It has been a pleasure doing business with all of you!” A Tellarite said in a threatening tone, “These weapons better e reliable!” Red Skull glared at him and replied, “I assure you they are.  These weapons were very useful when HYDRA rose to power during the war on Terminar!” Raven continued to listen through the open window  when a voice called out, “Hey!  What are you doing up here?” Raven looked to her left and saw a black clad security guard with an assault rifle and Raven stepped back with her hands raised and said, “Woo!  I’m here to fix one of the overhead lights man!  I can contact my supervisor for...” The security guard looked irritated and said, “Come here so I can search you!” Raven waled over with her hands raised and noticed Red Skull and the others were looking up at her and when she stood in for of the guard she smiled as he bent over to search and kneed him in the face.  She then flipped him over onto his back and pulled out her phaser and shot him on stun when all of a sudden Red Skull yelled, “GET HIM!” Raven then runs down the catwalk and Red Skull pulls out one of the rifles and fires after her blowing apart the windows behind and around her as she covered her face as she transformed back into her mutant form as glass rained down on top of her when she looked ahead and suddenly stopped as she saw a soldier standing in front of her with an automatic rifle pointing directly at her.  


    Raven flinched as the glass exploded and the soldier in front of her screamed as he vanished in a blue light coming from the direction of Red Skull.  Red Skull looked amazed and then angry and screamed, “MYSTIQUE!” Raven turned in his direction and quickly switched her phaser setting to kill and pointed her phaser directly at him and fired.  A red streak emitted from the phaser and headed straight towards the Red Skull, only he ducked just in time as the shot flew over his head and hit a crate of rifles that sat between the men Red Skull was talking to and it exploded violently.  The six men raised their hands before the blue and yellow light as they screamed only to vanish in the explosion as Red Skull hit the deck hard on his chest.  In unison, the rifles on the assembly line behind the exploded crate started to make a buzzing noise as they glowed bright blue as Red Skull looked back with an angry expression on his face and said, “Damn.” He ran towards the back as Raven chased after him along the walkway and continued to fire her phaser but either missed or Red Skull dodged her fire when suddenly she heard the sound of boot falls on the grates and she stopped firing and looked ahead to see more black clad armored soldiers, with the HYDRA logo on their body armor, blocking her way with their automatic rifles pointed at her.  Red Skull yelled, “I admire your courage Mystique!  You and I are more alike, except I don’t try to hide my true identity!”  Raven yelled back, “Better than looking like a red cancer cell!” In the facility, Red Skull looked at her with a furious rage as his red face grew redder and he screamed, “KILL HER, NOW!” Then there was a series of explosions from the front of the building and working its way back as the rifles began to explode and the walkway shook from the repeated violent explosions as the soldiers and Raven grabbed onto the railing or the building wall to keep steady.  Red Skull yelled, “Don’t just stand there you idiots!” There was a large explosion beneath them and part of the walkway fell apart and four soldiers fell three stories to the concrete ground below screaming all the way down as the rest of the soldiers fell against the building brick wall and Raven fell against the railing to her left and the railing broke away and she fell.

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