Bright Lights and Dark Nights

The city is all he's ever known, but when his family decides to visit the country, things go south.


2. Late Night Exploring

 "Hey, Cole?" I asked.


 "Want to go on an adventure?"

 "What? No, It's midnight."

 "Yes, but in the city, we were never able to go out past 10 because of all the murderers and shit."

 "Have you seen Children of the Corn?!" Cole asked.


 "It's a movie with killers and psycho kids and shit hiding in a corn field and killing people."

 "It's just a movie."

 "Says every person right before they die." Cole smirked.

 "Come on, Cole. Don't be a wimp."

 "I'm not a wimp, I just enjoy living." Cole said.

 His phone rang again. It was Lizzy calling his phone to talk to me.

 "Okay, fuck it, let's go." Cole said and stood up.

 We quietly went down the stairs.

 I grabbed a flashlight and we headed outside.

 "Where are we going?" Cole asked.

 "I found a pond earlier." I said.

 "Hey, I have to use the bathroom. I'll be there soon." He said and ran to the outhouse.

 When I got to the pond, the girl from earlier was there.

 "Hi." She smiled.

 "Hi, what are you doing out here?" I asked.

 "There's nothing to do at nights but sleep or skip rocks." She said.

 "Sit down, I want to show you something." She said and we sat on the bench.



 I saw the night sky fill up with fireflies. 

 "Whoa." I said, gazing at the sky.

 I looked over at her. Her eyes were brighter than the fireflies.

 She smiled at me.

 I smiled at her too and we stared into each other's eyes.

 I leaned in for a kiss and our lips touched.

 I quickly sat up. I was sweaty and Cole was staring at me.

 "I'm guessing that pillow was a good kisser." Cole smirked.

 "AHHH!" I shouted and threw the pillow across the room.

 "No, no, no, this can't be happening." I said and paced back and forth in the room.

 Cole stared at me.

 "Why did that happen?" I talked to myself.

 "What? The part when you tongue wrestled the pillow?"  Cole asked.

 I looked at him.

 "Get out."

  "Hey, I'm not judging about tongue wresting the pillow. Heck, I wake up twice a week to find myself doing that. But  why would you throw throw her across the room? That's abuse." Cole said, trying to contain his laughter.

 "Do you want to die?" I asked.

 "Tongue wrestling the pillow." He laughed under his breath.

 "COLE! I AM FREAKING OUT!" I said and shook him.

 "Don't tongue wrestle me." He laughed.

 I growled and walked out.

 "Too much?" He asked.

 Cole ran after me.

 "Okay, why are you freaking out? It was one innocent dream. I can't say that pillow is innocent anymore but.."

 "Cole, there is only one person I kissed in my dreams before. ONE! Guess who." I said.


 "Yes!" I said and started breathing quickly.

 "Blake, breathe. But for fuck's sake, not that fast." He said.

 "I can't believe that happened."

 "Well, if it wasn't Lizzy, who was it?"

 "Remember at dinner, I took a walk? And you ran down there to tell me you guys were riding horses?"


 "And I was talking to a girl?"


 "IT WAS HER!" I shouted.

 "Oh. She was pretty. Like hot damn!" Cole smiled.

 "I know, right? And her eyes were beautiful and her voice made my heart beat a mile a minute and FOR FUCK'S  SAKE! I'M GOING TO POUR COLD WATER ON MY HEAD!" I shouted.

 I ran outside.

 "Blake, calm down."

 I grabbed a water bucket and dumped it on my head.

 "Blake, you need to calm down." Cole said.

 "I can't! Lizzy is my girlfriend! And I know I get pissed at her a lot but I know it's just because she misses me that she calls me so much. I shouldn't be kissing another girl, not even in my dreams."

 "Blake, Lizzy is a bitch, okay? There, I said it. She always was. Not just when you two were apart. Think about it! She calls you a prick every fucking day! My point is, some things aren't meant to be."

 I sighed.

 "Can I borrow your phone?" I asked.

 Cole handed it to me.

 "Hey." I said.

 "What the fuck? Why haven't you been calling?"

 "My phone broke. But I need to tell you something."

 "What is it, Prick?"

 I tried my best not to explode.

 "Don't you dare break my phone too." Cole said.

 I took a deep breath.

 "It's over." I said.

 "What the fuck did you just say?"

 "I said it's over."

 "Have fun losing me."

 Cole grabbed the phone.

 "Listen here, you little kumquat, he didn't lose you, you lost him. Do you know everything he went through for you? I had to tie him to a fucking post. He had two buckets of cold water poured on his head. All of that was to calm him down after you called him a prick. You hurt him, I could fucking tell. So don't fucking say he lost you like it's some kind of bad thing. I say congratulations! So fuck off, you little shitslug." He growled and hung up. 

 "That little bitch. Fucking hate her."  Cole growled to himself.

 I was laughing my ass off.

 "Shitslug and kumquat." I laughed.

 "That's the first time I saw you genuinely smile in months." Cole smiled.

  I smiled and laid in the grass.

 "This place is amazing." I smiled.

 "What happened to 'too small'?" 

 "Do you ever think one day in a place could make you happier than anywhere else you ever were?" I asked.

  I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

 When I woke up, the sun was shining down and my uncle was standing above me.

 "Taking in nature?" He laughed.

 "Yep." I smiled.

 "Go put some sunscreen on." My uncle said.

 I stood up.

 "Cole?" My uncle asked and Cole screamed and fell off of the log.

"What time is it?" I asked.


 "Shit!" I said and ran down to the pond.

 "What's up with him?"

 "What?" Cole asked, lifting his head from the dirt.

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