Bright Lights and Dark Nights

The city is all he's ever known, but when his family decides to visit the country, things go south.


4. Bad News

 When I got back at the farm, I heard yelling.

 "WE'RE LEAVING!" Mom shouted.

 "GOOD!" My uncle growled.

 "Blake, Cole, get in the car now!" My dad yelled.

  Cole ran to me.

 "There was cussing and punching and a lot of screaming." Cole said.

 "I'm not leaving." I said and ran back down to the pond. Cole followed me.

 "Are you crazy?! We can't just run away! They'll be worried sick!" Cole said.

 "Look, I'm not leaving her. I've been happier here than I have been in 17 years in New York. I'm not leaving her." I said.

 I ran over to Camille.

 "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked.

 "My parents and my uncle are fighting and our parents said we have to leave but Camille... I can't." I said.

 She stared at me.

  "Look, Blake, you can't leave your parents. I know that we had the best night of our lives, but Blake, your brother told me you just broke up with your old girlfriend. I really like you, but you might just be lonely..." Camille cried.


 She put her hand on my cheek and kissed me.

 "Forget about me, cute dino." She cried and ran.


 On the drive home, I didn't say a word and when we finally got home, I ran into my room and slammed the door.

 I heard shouting downstairs.

  "You guys had to start shit, didn't you? Did you know how happy Blake was for the first time in years?! Let me think about that... NO! You guys were too busy arguing to notice your son!" Cole shouted.

 "Cole! You never yelled at us before!" Dad said.

 "Well, someone fucking had to. Blake is too busy being heartbroken to do it." Cole growled and ran to his room.

 When everyone was asleep, I grabbed my car keys and left.

 I drove five hours to the farm.

 I ran to the pond to hear crying.

 Camille was lying on the bench, face down. I could tell she was crying hard.

 I quietly walked over to her and crouched down.

 "Cute dino is here." I whispered.

 She picked her head up to see me.


 Her eyes were red.

 I wiped her tears.

 "Look, I wasn't lonely. That wasn't why I started dating you."

 "Why did you?"

 "Because you're different than anybody I ever met. Your eyes have that little sparkle when you're happy and your voice is hypnotizing. I could talk to you for hours." I said.

 She stared at me and I wiped her tears.

 "And cute dino would really become extinct if his angel kept crying."

 I saw the sparkle come back into her eyes.

 "Can I see a smile?"

 She smiled and held my hand.

 "You're amazing, Blake."

 I cleared my throat.

 "Cute dino." She laughed.

  I held her cheek and kissed her.

  I heard running and Cole ran to us. He tripped and fell in the dirt.

 "Cole?" I asked.

 He lifted his head from the dirt.

 "I ate enough dirt already this week."

 He stood up and dusted himself off.

 He walked over to us.

 "Okay, well, I was trying to create an entrance but not like that. Anyways, what are you doing here, Blake?"

 "I want to stay here."

 "But, Blake, you can't do that! Okay, we have school, our parents, our whole family in New York." Cole said.

 "Not the whole family."

 "And you think our uncle is going to let any of us stay here after that big fight?" Cole asked.

 "I'll ask him."

 "Blake, it's past midnight. Are you gonna go up to his door and ask to stay? That's the worst fucking plan I ever heard of."


 Cole's eyes got wide.

 "Haha no. But yeah, I'm going to ask."

 I smiled at Camille.

 She smiled and held my hand.

  Cole followed behind us.

 "My new nickname is third wheel." Cole said.

  I gently knocked on the door.

  Our uncle answered the door. 

 "Hey, I was wondering if I could stay here?" I asked, with my head down.

 "Do your parents know you're here?"

 "No, isn't that amazing though? Both of their kids are missing and they don't notice!" Cole laughed. His laugh turned into a cry.

 "You're a hot mess." I said to him.

 I looked back at my uncle.

 "Call them and tell them you're here."

 "Cole?" I asked and he handed me his phone.

 "Taking my phone and shit." Cole mumbled.

 "You gave it to me, shut up." I said and dialed the number.

  "Cole! Where are you?! Where's Blake?!" Mom answered.

 "Mom, it's me. Anyways, we're at the farm. I was wondering if I could stay here. I mean, I'm always happier here."

 Cole snatched the phone.

 "It's true! I actually saw him smile!" Cole said into the phone.

 I grabbed the phone back.


 Mom sighed.

 "We'll work it out."

 Cole grabbed the phone.

 "And you guys might need to buy a new car. I drove your's here."

 I looked at the car to see dents, scratches, and smoke.

 I cringed.

 "I think I did a pretty good job, though." Cole smiled.

 "'Good' isn't the word I'd use for that." I said.

 "Shut up, I'm on the phone." Cole said to me.

 "Yeah? Yeah? Okay!" Cole smiled and hung up.

 "I need to buy them a new car!" He smiled.

 "Why are you smiling?"

 "I'm stopping myself from killing someone."

 I looked at my uncle.


 "Okay. By the way, call me Darius."

 I held Camille tight.

 Camille stared into my eyes and kissed me.

 After a few seconds, Cole stared at us.

 "How long are they going to do that?"

  I held Camille's hand tight.

 "Let's go home and pack!" Cole said and ran to my car.

 "Fuck no. You aren't driving."

 "I call shot gun!" Camille said.

 "From driver to back seat in five seconds." Cole said.

 When we got home, our parents were waiting by the door.

 They ran and hugged us.

 "Our babies!" Mom smiled.

 Camille smiled.

 "I NEED MY PRANK BOOK! DADDY'S HERE!" Cole said and ran to his room.

 Camille and I walked to my room.

 When I finished packing, we went downstairs and we saw Cole carrying a lamp post into the living room.

 "Why do you even have that?"


  After putting everything into the car, and strapping the lamp post on top, we went back to the farm.


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