Take Me Home

“This is your home, Madoka. I am your home.” Kazuo leaned down slowly and pressed his lips against mine forming a soft, passionate kiss. I sighed and tangled my fingers in his caramel hair staring into his hazel eyes.
“Kazuo-kun… “
“Yes?” The beautiful man above me whispered in my ear.
“Take me home.” Kazuo smiled and kissed my neck.
“Of course.”

With my legs tucked in between Kazuo’s and my head against his muscular chest, I held onto him tightly my face still flushed from his love. “I love you,” I whispered into his neck.
“I love you, too, Madoka.”


2. Chapter Two (Kazuo)

Madoka’s head was snuggled into my chest and his body was nestled against mine. He was snoring quietly and occasionally mumbling in his sleep. I kissed his head which quieted the mumbles. He’s been worrying me lately more than usual. He put up a wall made of wood which I easily burned down with passion, but only to find another wall-this time made out of steel.

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