The Demon and The Heartbreaker

(the 16+ is just warning as I may add that sort of stuff)

Madness is a demon who has never felt love much hates the idea of it, Another demon Storm starts to vist him often and the two form a bond


1. The Demon Meets The Heartbreaker

Madness was asleep all curled up in a ball, He awoke from the sound of pawsteps. He stood up fast and jumped back and standed defensive towards the sounds of the other wolf approching. The wolf came out of the shadows it was Storm. 

Madness growled "how did you get in here?," 

Storm chuckled "the back door was open," 

Madness didnt seem amused. Storm stepped closer and Madness stepped back till he was near a wall, Storm got closer and licked Madness's nose. Madness snapped and Storm jumed back 

"touchy wolf arent you," 

Madness growled "get the fuck outta here before I tear you apart," 

Storm laughed "oh but if you hurt me, Liliath gets hurt on the outside and I dont think Crazy will like that at all, you may be different to Psycho but surely you still care?,"

Madness laughed "i dont give two shits about Crazy or her little lover, Id love to make her sad or angry whatever the fuck she would feel if that happened coz guess who comes out when her emotions get to over board... yours truly," 


"you really are black hearted as the devil himself you really hate Crazy that much even though you share the same body," 

"I couldnt care less,"

Storm spine shivered "you interest me so much, care to join me for drinks?," 

"what at that shit hole in Hell? nah im fine," 

"ah come on youll have the time of your life i go there all the time all void demons are welcome," 

Madness rolled his eyes "fine,"


Storm opened a portal and it leaded to outisde of a town in Hell, Outside the town was a disco and a bar with drinks. Storm lead the way and Madness followed behind, There were demons with two legs, four legs, some with many and some with none. Storm went up to the bar and ordered two drinks. Madness put his front paws on the bar and watched as the demon serving put the drinks in front of him and Storm. Storm grabbed his with his jaw and gulped it down, Madness did the same.

Storm went onto the dance floor."come on lets dance," 

Madness shook his head "no,"

Storm shrugged and danced by himself. Madness faced towards the bar "another of what he ordered me," the demon took Madness's glass and revealed it with the same alcohol and he again gulped it down. "thats good stuff, another," He was served again and gulped down the drink another time. Madness felt fur stroke up his back and he looked to his side, It was Storm stroking his tail along Madness's back. Madness nudged Storms tail of. "you need to learn to loosen up," Madness growled "No thanks im fine just drinking and being left alone," 

Still Ongoing...

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