Treavor Douglas love story/ fanfiction

Tristan Brown and Trevor Douglas have been best friends all their lives they are always there for each other and they both love music when Trevor starts getting a lot of gigs he asks Tristan to come along and perform with him she accepts even though she suffers from stage fright she will do anything for Trevor. During the first show Tristan freezes up and runs off stage Trevor runs after her he finds her in the dressing room he tries talking to her but she too upset they stare in each other's eyes than something happens that they both don't except will it affect their friendship or actually bring them closer find out soon.


2. figuring out feelings going on first date

figuring out feelings going on first date
Tristan's POV
Ok I'm really confused right now here I am kissing my best friend for the second time and I have no idea how he feels about me but this kiss is amazing I feel everything sparks, fireworks, butterflies in my stomach goosebumps on my arms he's a very good kisser I wrapped my arms around his neck we pulled away and smiled at each other "ok now that was un excepted" I said he sighted and sat on his bed "I know I'm such a idiot" he said what? I sat beside him "what you mean?" I asked "I just kissed my best friend who does not like me back" he said wait he thinks I don't like him I kissed him back for god sack "Trev what makes you think I don't like you I kissed you back?" I asked he looked at me and asked "I thought you did that so I wouldn't be heartbroken" he said wow he's so stubborn "I have liked you for so long now I just been afraid to tell you" I said he grabbed my hands and smiled "I was hoping you would say that so if I kissed you again would you kiss back?" he asked "one way to find out come here" I said pulling his head forward smashing our lips together the feeling that goes through my body when our lips touch is amazing never felt this before I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me we pulled away but our four heads touching "let's go on a date tonight?" Trevor asked breathing heavily "I thought you would never ask" I said he pulled me into a hug "well I better go get ready" I said getting up "Hey don't go you look so beautiful already" he said I blushed "thanks Trev but this is going to be my first date ever so I need to look amazing besides don't you need to plan this date" I said his eyes widened "right I have to plan it for tonight did not think that all the way through I was distracted with your soft lips on mine" he said standing up I blushed again "don't worry Trev whatever you plan I'm sure it will be romantic just text me when you want me back here see ya later" I said grabbing my bag "Hey can I get a good bye kiss?" he asked I giggled and walked up to him I stood on my tippy toes cause he was a little taller than me and pecked his lips "can I go now?" I asked he nodded and smiled big I walked down the stairs his mom was in the kitchen "Hey Tristan had fun?" she asked I nodded "yes I did see ya later tonight" I said leaving I closed the door and smiled so big I think I just got a boyfriend I'll find out tonight.
Trevor's POV
Ok I'm scared now I have to plan a romantic date by tonight that's impossible do I take her out? do I make her food? I have no clue "Trevor are you ok?" asked my mom walking in "yeah I'm fine I just have to plan the best date ever by tonight no biggie" I said my mom eyes widened "date? you mean you finally told Tristan how you felt?" she asked I nodded "yes and it turns she has liked me this whole time who could of guessed" I said "um I did I kept telling you she likes you remember?" mom said "yes but I didn't believe cause I believed she didn't have feelings for me but boy was I wrong" I said replaying the last 20 minutes in my head "wait did you guys kiss?" mom asked "4 times" I said "that explains why I didn't hear the usual laughter up here" she said I smiled "so this date needs to be special cause at the end of it I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend" I said wow never thought I would say that "honey she will love anything as long as yourself she doesn't seem like the girl to care anyway" mom said she had a point ok I have a idea hopefully it goes well.
Tristan's POV
Ok I'm freaking out my first date ever is tonight with my best friend never thought that would happen ever I already tried on like 5 outfits already this is crazy I'm never like this ever "sweetie are you ok?" asked my mom walking in "yeah I'm fine" I said "I know your lying what's going on?" she asked me ugh she caught me "I got asked out on a date tonight" I said my mom's eyes widened "by who?" she asked "Trevor" I said smiling "I knew he liked you" my mom said I blushed "well today we admitted it after we kissed twice" I said "woah that was fast" mom said I nodded "yeah so I need to be presentable" I said "honey Trevor likes you for you don't worry about it" she said I sighted he did say I looked beautiful already "I'm excited but nervous what if I do something that will cause me to lose my first boyfriend" I said "Honey Trevor is the sweetest person that has ever entered your life he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to break a girls heart" mom said she had a point I should be more worried about me breaking his heart "go in the clothes your wearing trust me he'll love it" mom said I sighted "can I least put perfume on?" I asked she nodded and left the room I put some perfume on and grabbed my lucky bracelet might need it suddenly my phone vibrated it was a text from Trevor "come back to my house but come to the backyard" I smiled here goes nothing I grabbed my purse off I went to possibly the best night of my life. I got to Trevor's house but before I knocked on the door it opened with his mom smiling "Hello Tristan Trevor's in the backyard go on" she said I smiled and walked to the backdoor took a deep breath and opened the door "Trevor?" I yelled I closed the door behind me and looked around suddenly lights came on and I gasped their stood my handsome best friend with his guitar in his hands "Hey beautiful" he said I smiled and blushed "Hey Trev" I said "please have a seat my lady I wrote you a song I want you to hear it now" he said I smiled and sat on the chair he started playing and boy the song was so beautiful I felt tears in my eyes he's so perfect how did he not make it far in idol I don't get it he's so talented he finished I chocked back tears and clapped he put his guitar down and came over to me "that was beautiful Trevor" I said he grabbed my hands "I just wrote that song today after you left" he said woah he's good "wow that's amazing" I said he pulled me up "come on I have one more surprise for you" he said I smiled he pulled me to the middle of his yard "when I told you I liked you I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders cause I been thinking of you every single night even during idol your all I thought about" he said I smiled "I think about you at night too it's so hard not too" I said he smiled "Well after being your best friend since childhood I think we're ready to take it farther" he said I was confused he let go of my hands and walked towards the fence and grabbed a rose off it OMG he walked back to me and got down on one knee I knew he wasn't proposing but I couldn't but throw my hand over my mouth in shock "Tristan Brown would you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?" he asked Oh my god it was happening finally it's a huge dream come true "Yess Trevor Douglas I'll be your girlfriend" I said Trevor smiled so big he hoped up handed me the rose and pulled me into a hug he pick me up and spun me around I laughed I wrapped my arms around his neck he put me down and smashed his lips onto mine I love this feeling his tongue licked my bottom lip begging for entrance I gave it to him and it was magical we pulled away and smiled "best night ever" I said to my now boyfriend "it's not over yet now we're going to go back inside and cuddle and watch movies for the rest of the night" he said "wait I can't spend the night I have no PJ's" I said "not to worry my mom is taking care of it in fact I'm pretty sure that's your mom starring at us" he said I turned around and sure enough there was my mom smiling at us hope she didn't see the Make out session awkward we walked to the door Trevor's arms around me still my mom left we went up to Trevor's room I changed and we cuddled in the bed all night I have a boyfriend? hope it lasts long.

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