Yandere Male x reader

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3. The rabbit

Sadie’s pov

I was sitting down on one of the park benches enjoying the nice peacefulness on a Saturday morning.I suddenly felt so lonely just sitting down alone but I'm too shy to admit it.I Then reached in my bag and pulled out a stuffed Rabbit I Call Kessho.

I love Kessho as a child and I still do I keep my little bunny in the locker so nobody will notice.

I then hugged my little bunny.As if I was a child hugging my favorite teddy bear.

I began to walk home as l felt eyes watching me.I turned around to see nobody behind me I then clutch the bunny tighter and ran home.

Toshi pov

I watched Sadie as she walked home STILL clutching the stuffed bunny.

I thought it was too adorable

Now that I know that's my Sadie-chan

Nobody can take her from me 

Not even that bunny 

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