Gray Skies

Gray Biers is a a teen at the age of 17.
Even shy and considered a Geek, Gray is a badass Geek.

Life is good for her, loving parents... a good home... a protective older brother... What could be missing?
She finds out what is missing when her parents die in a car accident, her fmailiy is missing in her life, but is that it?

In Gray Skies you will find discover the mystery of the little town and maybe find love with someone on the way.

Sometimes you need to take a risk in life to get where you want to be.

Copy Right goes to me the author, Cassie Casella. Please don't steal my work. 2015.
Please don't point out errors, chapters are unedited.


3. Sleep is for the injured

Chapter 2

-Jeff's POV-

I woke up moments later, only to have a bright light blind me. I blink several times before glancing around the sterile white room around me. Across the room was a bed that contained a small fragile looking body. Gray. I rush over, ignoring the IV and sensors ripping off my body.

"Gray?!" I yell frantically. As soon as I touch her arm, she begins to screech in pain. Moments later a nurses rush in.

"What did you do? How are you awake? Why is she screaming?!" She shoots at me one after another.

"I yelled her name and touched her arm, then she started screaming in pain. I just woke up, is she going to be okay?!" I frantically answer her, staring at Gray through the several nurses around her.

The nurse who questioned me sat me back in my bed, "You need to stay here or I'll be forced to give you a sedative." I nod not taking my eyes from my little sister. My wolf was going crazy trying to protect her. She hadn't shifted yet, she may not survive this. Just another thing to add to the list of things wrong this week.

Realization struck, where were my mom and Phil (my step-dad)? "Ma'am?" I question the nurse near me. I continue when she looks back at me, "Where are my parents? the people who were in the car with my sister and myself?" She was a wolf to the pack in this area, I could almost guarantee it.

"You mean the she-wolf and the male human?" the lady questions, and a nod my head several times, "When Beta Daniel and Alpha Justin pulled you and his mate out of the car, Alpha collapsed and Beta Daniel saved you while some nasty rouges took them. I'm very sorry young man. We need to get your names and information."

Something clicked in my mind, "Her mate? Her mate is Alpha Justin? Where is he, he could calm her down if what you're saying is true. You need to get him in here."

"Well, sir you see, the thing is that Alpha Justin is in a coma as well. He was in the truck that you struck in a head on collision in the crash. After pulling your sister from the car he collapsed, and has been in a coma since. Luna, uh, your sister, we were hoping she could wake him up..." she hesitated to continue, "We will not know if one will now..."

"Can we try anything else?" I ask her.

"We... we can move them into the same room, to be closer to one another." She suggested.

"Okay lets do it." I said with a spark of hope.



Stay magical my friends, stay you.


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