My Saviour 2

Naddison is back at it again in part two of my saviour only this time they have more then just the two of them


1. Chapter 1



Addison's P.O.V

It has been 6 months since I gave birth to my baby boy James Horan. Before you ask no James isn't technially Niall's baby but he is the father. Niall takes care of James as id he was his own and if I'm being honest he's doing a great job. He makes me extremely happy and James can't get enough of him. I am currently in the living room going through my twitter and people keep tweeting and messaging me and Niall asking when and if we can post pictures of the baby. I sighed shaking my head it was my idea to keep the baby a secret because of all the hate that was about to come i also decided to wait because there was a small chance that James wouldn't look like me and to my surprise he looks exactly like me and I'm glad. I happily tweet out 'we will show the baby soon'

"Niall' i called out to him

"in the kitchen" he yells back 

"we need to talk" i said as i entered the kitchen

"about what?" he said still feeding the baby

"about showing the baby" i said 

"what? I'm sorry I must not of heard you right" he said being dramatic

" I want to show the baby its definitely time but i wanna do it on tv not over picture they have waited 6 months to see him might as well do it big you can pick the time and place" i said a little too excited 

"Thats amazing babe I think its time as well I'm so exited how about the Ellen show" he asked hugging me

i giggled "thats perfect" i said then kissing him 

"okai do u mind giving the baby a bath he just finished eating so he's at little messy I'm gonna make a few calls to see about getting us on the Ellen show" he said excitedly jumping around

"yeah sure ill take care of everything down here you make those phone calls" i say 

"this is gonna be great you'll see ill tell all the guys u tell the girls" he said giving me a kiss then running upstairs to make all the necessary arrangements 

"hi my baby boy look at you so messy and handsome lets go take a bath" I cooed at him 

i went upstairs to my bedroom bathroom to wash my handsome little man James loved baths he loved the warm water i washed his hair and body then took him out and put some fresh clothes on him i put him in his playpen that was in the living room then my phone started ringing didn't bother with the caller id

(A for Addison and E for Ellen)


E-is this addison

A-yes it is who may i ask is calling

E-its Ellen DeGeneres I just saw your Twitter comment and I just got off the phone with Niall id love to have you on my show does tomorrow sound good?

A-tomorrow sounds amazing

E- great I cant wait to meet the little one I'm having you guys on as a surprise I'm looking forward to meeting you as well

A- I'm looking forward to meeting you as well I'm a huge fan

E- thats so sweet well I'll see you tomorrow say around 2 at the studio

A- that sounds great see you there

~ call ended~

 went to pick up James when Niall came downstairs 

"The boys are coming over with the girls" Niall said

"Okai great ill start cooking" I said starting to walk away before Niall stops me

" we're actually going to go out for dinner tonight babe" he said

" but what about James I don't want people to see him till tomorrow on the Ellen show" I said in a panic

"Don't worry I've got it covered I called your mom to see if she can babysit she will be here at 6 when everyone else gets here we have 6 hours till then and I believe its time for James to have his nap" he says

"Oh your right it is time for his nap ill get a bottle ready for him and then ill out him in his crib" I said walking towards the kitchen

I got the bottle ready and took James upstairs to the nursery

After James went to sleep i went back downstairs to where Niall was supposed to be anyways but he wasn't on the main floor at all I went back upstairs to my our bedroom and there he was putting a movie on this is usually what we do when James is taking a nap but its normally in the living room.

I walk up behind him quietly and put my arms around him hugging him he turns around and kisses me. I don't think I have to tell you what happened next ;). After about 2 hours or so we hopped in the shower and started getting ready to go out after another hour passed the guys texted Niall saying they are coming early. This is gonna be one fun night i thought to myself

"Addison Katie an Harry are here" he said smiling

" okai thats fine let me just finish getting ready and ill be right down" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek then going to the washroom to do my hair and makeup then put on my outfit after about 45 minutes to and hour I was finished

(My outfit and how I look👇)

 By the time I was done everyone was here including my mom to watch James so we all piled in the car to go to the restaurant time flew by so fast we were having an amazing time we ended up back at mine and Niall's place to watch a movie everyone crashed at ours that night













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