Do You Believe In Magic?

A collection of short fantasy stories that I wrote over the past year or so. In one story, a girl goes up against a djinn. In another, we learn where writers get their ideas. And in a different story we see just how a star is born.


4. How A Star Is Born

~~Having a pregnancy in space is rather difficult when your vessel is attacked by space pirates.


There was a sense of urgency and a hint of panic aboard the transporter shuttle Denver, as several things were happening at once: a baby was being born aboard the ship, and the woman bearing the child was the Captain’s wife, Teresa. There was also a space pirate ship not too far out that was clearly making its way towards them. And on top of those two things, the scientists were predicting that a star would go supernova in less than an hour.

The crew of the Denver was rushing about, getting ready for battle, a baby, and an explosion. But there were several who were used to this sort of thing happening, as they were explorers for new planets, and had always seen something of the sort happening. There were three of them, friends and partners in the Exploration Protection Program, a program that was developed by the Space Academy back on Earth a few years back. The three worked well together, despite some arguments here and there. Yet despite being used to this kind of thing-they weren’t prepared for it, and it took them by surprise. However, they were determined to help the crew of the Denver make it safely to its destination.

The three of them went straight towards the Captain [Captain Adrian Morgan] and saw that he was shouting at several people to get their weapons and armor from the armory. The Captain was also attempting to listen to a nurse, who was explaining the situation about his wife’s pregnancy.

“Captain!” The leader of the three Explorers, Jesse Stray, said urgently. “Captain, my two men and I can help! We’ve been on several gunships, and we can easily give them a fight that they weren’t expecting. Just give the word, and we’ll do what we can to assist you in getting rid of these pirates.” He promised.

The Captain hesitated, clearly torn. He looked at the three older, and obviously stronger men, and decided that having more help definitely couldn’t hurt.

“All right,” Captain Morgan said reluctantly. “Take control of the battle against the space pirates, I’ll do what I can with the other situations.”

Jesse grinned at his two companions, Darius Malcolm and Ty Silver, and the three of them went off running towards the armory where the frightened engineers and civilians were getting ready for battle.


Once at the armory, Jesse, Darius, and Ty began issuing orders to several of the civilians who had different duties on board Denver. Jesse organized the few soldiers that were there, Darius organized the scientists, and Ty took care of the rest of the random civilians on board. It took them no less than twenty minutes to sort everyone out and put them where they belonged. Of course, that was twenty minutes too late, for by that time one of the scientists had shouted above the noise and told everyone that a star was about to go supernova. This caused a new panic, and by the time that the three managed to get everyone calmed down, the space pirates were already knocking down their doors.

The civilians scrambled for cover, while the soldiers attempted to take down as many space pirates as possible. They succeeded in knocking down the first quarter, but the space pirate ship had been massive. Jesse wouldn’t be surprised if over a hundred space pirates came out of that thing.

He then realized that no matter how many space pirates they fought in the cargo bay, the thing that he needed to concentrate on was destroying that ship. Filled with a sense of urgency, he bounded past several dead space pirates and went up the flight of stairs to the nearest rail gun that would be the biggest the ship owned. As he went, he told Ty his plan, while Darius guarded the room where the ship’s captain and his wife were staying in as she was giving birth to her first child.


As his two companions were off fighting space pirates, Darius Malcolm stood guard at the Captain’s door, shooting down any space pirate that threatened to make their way to the door that he was guarding. He had managed to kill about ten space pirates so far, and was starting to get worried at the increasing number. He was just shooting down his sixteenth space pirate, when a welcoming cry came from behind him-the Captain’s wife seemed to have succeeded in giving birth, and now all that was left was defeating the space pirates.

He saw that they were now coming from both directions instead of just the right side. His ammo was getting low, and he knew that if help didn’t come soon, then he might not make it in protecting the Captain’s wife and child, as well as the Captain himself. He fired off another shot at a much larger space pirate, all the while thinking that his companions had better hurry up with whatever plan Stray had come up with, because he knew that he couldn’t hold them off forever.


After several minutes of getting some engineering people to fix the Mass AU gun, which would effectively destroy the pirate spaceship, Jesse had a working gun and was managing to fire off plenty of shots perfectly into the pirate spaceship. However, it wasn’t working fast enough, and he knew that they had to do something bigger. What they could do that was bigger though, he didn’t know. He continued firing the Mass AU gun, hoping that it would work, while thinking desperately of something bigger to destroy it.




The space pirates had broken the gap of the cargo bay, and were now moving with speed and urgency towards the Captain’s Quarters, Ty Silver saw. Both swords and laser fire had downed several of the soldiers that he was commanding. The space pirates were strong, and they had powerful weapons as well as numbers on their side. Ty saw another soldier fall, and he raised his own weapon to shoot a pirate that had jumped into his line of view. The situation was becoming more and more dangerous, and he knew that if they didn’t find a way out of this, then there wasn’t going to be another exploration on an alien planet. He heard a baby cry, and became relieved that the Captain’s wife had managed to have the child, and his relief was cut when a pirate swung a punch from behind him. He moved to block it, and thought desperately towards Stray that he needed to hurry up and find a way to save them, as that was why he was leader of the group in the first place. Another pirate swept in from his side, and Ty’s thoughts became a blur as he focused more on fighting and less on thinking.


Darius saw that the pirates were coming faster and that there were getting to be more of them. This fact had him worried about Ty, but he knew the man was capable of taking care of himself. He fired a shot at a pirate, missed, and went to fire again-and his eyes went wide. He was completely out of ammo. Which meant that he now had to fight hand-to-hand. Whipping out both of his knifes, he started fighting with everything that he had, thinking that maybe this time…they might not make it out alive.


While fighting the many space pirates, Jesse realized that there was only one thing that he and his two best friends needed to concentrate on doing-get the Captain and his family to safety. Using his radio, he called out to his friends,

“Darius! Ty! You both abandon the fighting-get the kid and its mom with the Captain to the escape pod!” Jesse yelled into the microphone. There was no response, and he realized that they were probably in the thick of the battle, and might not have heard him. He kept repeating what he said, knowing that there might be no escape for them, but that the newborn child could still escape. “Darius! Ty! Get the kid to the escape pod!” He yelled, as he fired off several more shots towards the pirate ship, which seemed to realize it was losing the battle, and tried to beat a hasty retreat.

Oh no you don’t, you sucker!

Never seeing the space pirates coming up to him from behind within the ship, he bellowed out curses at the space pirate ship, and then died cheering as he watched it explode into several thousand pieces.


Ty Silver heard Jesse bellowing despite the heat of battle. He tried to head towards the Captain’s Quarters where the child had been born, but the pirates just kept coming. He was fighting a losing battle, he realized, and the thought gave him another burst of energy. He never even saw the pirate behind him, and the last thing he remembered was killing a pirate that had just gotten in front of him with a twisted leer on his face as the pirate raised his sword.


Darius was in the thick of pirates, when suddenly all of them halted fighting. The pirates beat a hasty retreat, or at least that’s what Darius thought that they were doing. Darius was surprised, and then heard Jesse’s voice bellowing at his two friends to save the child, and its family. Darius knocked on the door, and the door opened to reveal the Captain holding tight to the baby and his wife.

“We’ve got to get you to the escape pod,” Darius urged. “Come on!”

He began running, killing every new pirate that popped up. They were just getting to the escape pod, when several pirates were there.

“Get in!” Darius ordered swiftly, as he was still fighting yet another pirate. The Captain put his wife into the escape pod, and then put the child in with her. He was just getting in, when several pirates came flooding into the room. “Go, go!” Darius yelled loudly above the noise of the pirates and the sounds of laser fire. Suddenly, the firing stopped, and he felt a chill. Jesse couldn’t be dead, he just couldn’t be.

The escape pod released from the ship, and it shot out into space, heading for the nearest safe planet as it was designed to do. Darius felt relieved that he had accomplished the mission that Jesse had told him to do. The sound of the pirates were closer than before, and he turned to see several of them coming straight towards him. He let out a roar, and to greet them.

One pirate raised a pistol, while standing on the balcony above the area that Darius was on, and fired.

Darius died with a single bullet hitting him directly in the center of his head.


The newborn child was quiet as it sat in its mothers arm. The mother was staring out the window as the star exploded just as the ship seemed to be lost forever. She was grateful that the three of them had escaped, but all those innocent lives…

The Captain turned to his wife.

“What are we going to call her?” He asked softly, staring at the child that was his. She smiled.

“Star.” She answered just as quietly. “Her name is Star.”



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