This is not a love story

This is not a love story. It’s maybe a story about love, but it is definitly not a love story. This is a history about a boy wih dark brown hair and eyes with the colour the ocean, eyes who could see trough everything, damn, that boy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.This boy took the pieces of my broken heart and made it whole again. This is a story about tears and smiles, about the best and the worst. This isn’t even a happy-ever-after-story, this is MY story.


6. William Castairs

''Stop staring Izzie, really, stop with it or you will become their new target.'' 

I dind't even notice that I was staring but I realise he's right. The boy  with the messy hair is no longer staring and the weird electricity is gone. I want to ask his name, but Charlie is already pulling me inside the big building. We're late because of my break in the middle of the playground, so he brings me right away to my first class, he says he will meet me with my locker and wishes me luck. My first class is chemistry, so it's not a bad start of the day. I like sciences, after music, it are my favourite lessons. When I enter the room, everyone is watching me. CHarlie told me there are almost never new pupils in the school, but still, I don't understand this reaction. A bit nervous I walk to the teacher to introduce myself.

''Hey Isabell, welcome on the high school of Ansegisus, I'm mister Wallhouse and I will teach you chemistry this year, it's an awesome science! You can take a seat.''

He is passionate and that gives me an instant happy feeling. I choose a seat in the back of the class, because I don't want to draw to much attention. 

Mister Wallhouse starts his lesson about the point of chemistry and a few minutes later, the boy with the messy hair comes in. He doesn't even look a bit ashamed.

''I'm sorry mister Wallhouse, it wasn't my intention to interrupt you. My excuses for being late'', he says with an innocent face.

''Mister Castairs, I don't appreciate that at all. I was just talking about the point of chemistry, can you give us more information  about that?'' He says that to make a fool of him.

Most of the pupils would get the colour of a tomato and stamper a random anwer, but he doesn't. Self-assured he takes a few steps trough the class, like he wants to give a dramatic effect. Then he loooks at me and says :'' Without chemistry, everyone would turn into a monster and the world would die. Chemistry keeps us alive and we need to be thankfull for that, thank you mister Wallhouse for teaching us this miracle of God...''

''It's okay William, you don't need to be the eye-catcher of today, take a seat and try not to be late anymore.'' He isn't even a bit angry, it is obvious that the boy with the messy hair, William, is the favourite of mister Wallhouse. 

''I will do my very best.'' I don't believe it, nobody does. I can see that, but it looks like everyone is used to it.

''William, there is still a place free next to our new pupil, miss Stevens, then she doesn't have to sit alone.'' Mister Wallhouse gives me a warm smile, I realise he only wants to be kind, but the idea of William sitting next to me makes me nervous. I remember how everyone was avoiding him and his friends this morning, I also remember what Charlie said, he wouldn't say such things without a reason. And I also rememeber the weird feeling he gave me.

The girl in front of me turns around and says:''Good luck with that, I'm Cat by the way, you look cool, we can be friends if you want to. If you're sitting next to that guy, you will definitly need my help. And I'm just an extreme awesome person.'' She has a giant ego but I already know I like her. She gives my a wink and turns around.

William walks to the back of the class and Cats bag blocks the way. 

''Catherine, can you move that ugly thing that has to represent a bag?''

''That ugly thing has cost more than you can pay, a little respect please. I think if you ask that with some kindness, I will think about it.'' She gives him a cute smile.

''Wauw, I notice that your ego is still gigantic, but can you please let me pass so I can sit next to your new 'friend'?'' Williams voice was pure arrogance, his whole charisma is arrogance.

''You wish some things were as big as my ego, but I was told different by some girls. I will let you sit next to Isabell. You see, with some goodwill you can reach much.'' Cat gives him a perfect wink and William rolls with his eyes.

Then mister Wallhouse decides to intervenes and watches them both strict.

William walks past the bag and takes the seat next to me. He pulls out his leather jacket and cracks his fingers.

''Hey, I'm Will, please don't listen to Cat, she's a bitch. It's nice to meet you Isabell.''


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