This is not a love story

This is not a love story. It’s maybe a story about love, but it is definitly not a love story. This is a history about a boy wih dark brown hair and eyes with the colour the ocean, eyes who could see trough everything, damn, that boy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.This boy took the pieces of my broken heart and made it whole again. This is a story about tears and smiles, about the best and the worst. This isn’t even a happy-ever-after-story, this is MY story.


12. Poetry

I just had maths when I enter my next and fortunately last class of a long day. Poetry given by Miss Wallace. This was supposed to be an optional subject but the only reason that I choose it, was because there was nothing else left. Don't understand me wrong, I love poetry, but only when it has music in it. I have nothing with the lines of random words and the dramatic feelings. 

I was one of the first students in the class so I picked a seat in the back. I took a piece of paper and wrote an idea for a new song down. 

''Leaves were wirling  in the wind just like the words you said to me. Without a thing, you were gone and took my smile. Now I wanna run till my lungs are dying, I wanna hide for the ones chasing me. I can't change who I am. I can't change what I did. So many reasons to love you now. So many ways to say goodbye.''

I could already imagine how it would sound on my guitar. It wasn't perfect yet but it was a start. Since my family was gone, I putted my feelings in music, the only thing capable of making me live with myself. In the meanwhile, the other students  were arrived. I looked up and saw Pandora coming in. Cat was right, her skirt is really slutty. I have such a hate for her, she broke Charlies heart! 

''Is she the new toy of Cat? Wauw girls, she couldn't find anything better I guess because look at her.'' The other girls start giggling.

Day one at a new school and I was already the target of the female alpha. Good Busy Izz, really. 

As last of all, Will came in. This class couldn't get worse. 

''I hope you don't mind that I'm sitting next to you for poetry?'' 

It wasn't a question because he had already taken a seat next to me. So I guess it could always get worse.

''Actually I do, I think chemistrypartners is close enough for me.''

''Nah, I'm too interisting to be just your labpartner, you are lucky to have the honour to sit next to me with poetry Bell. And you also have no choise because Miss Wall is alreday here.''

''Don't call me that way, for you I'm Isabell.''

'''Whatever you want Bell.'' He starts smiling. A lazy, cute and adorable smile. Wait, why am I even thinking in that way. Focus Izz, don't smile because of the nickname. But it's already too late.

''What's wrong William, are you having pity with the new one? I'm sure she can sit alone without your help.'' 

The sensual voice of Pandora makes my smile melt away. 

''The new one can hear you and she never asked for his annoying presence.'' Her face gets a hard look when she hears my answer.

''You see why I like her?'' Will winks at me just like Cat does when he defends me against Pandora. 

''Don't mind Pan, she just doesn't like sharing a fantastic person like me.'' His voice sounds very low when he whispers. Low and sexy. 

Than Miss Wallace decides to start her class.

'Good afternoon students, I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Now, in the first semester we will discuss the most famous subject in poetry, think about Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, Tristan and Isolde. We are going to talk about love.'

I feel a knee against my leg, a warm feeling is spreading around my body. 

''I think this will be an interesting semester next to you Bell.''

I haven't heard the rest of her monologue. 



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