These poems represent death my life. They represent my own emotions and questions. Of course, they can't be answered due to the people who with hold the answers are no longer with us. When some we care about passes away, we are left with questions. Some questions are easily answered, especially when the cause of death is from an illness. However, when a person we care about dies suddenly, we are left with unanswerable questions.


4. Poem #3

Hate You

I hate how you left me

You left me with emotions

Emotions that I have yet to understand

How could you? (4)


I get you were hurting

But, why now?

Why then?

I hate this (8)


Too late

You can’t answer my questions

You left me

So many emotions (12)


My head spins with emotions and questions

I can’t think straight

There’s so much pain

So much darkness (16)


You didn’t escape the pain

You passed it on to me

I love you but,

I hate you for it (20)

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