They seem like they're more trouble than they're worth, but that's not true. If you have an older brother, you know what I'm talking about. They annoy the hell out of you but they are always by your side if you need them.

And you'd be there for them too.


2. Chapter 2

About an hour later, the class was over. I could finally leave this hellhole and move on to another one. Maybe the next teacher would be mature enough to leave me be.

I walked into English class, sitting in the very back corner once again. Jack walked in soon after I did and sat next to me. “Thank god you’re here,” I said to him.

“Not the greatest day for you, is it?” He asked.

“How could you tell?” I replied sarcastically.

“The content look on your face says it all.” He answered. He used even more sarcasm than I did in my statement.

The rest of the class walked in again, not looking very excited. The boy from earlier walked in and sat down in front of Jack, turning his head enough to glance at me through his peripheral vision.

“Ready to die?” Jack asked. He looked very unimpressed when the teacher walked in. I could smell the marijuana on him from the back of the room, making my eyes water.

“Seriously?” I whispered, hoping he couldn’t hear me. “What kind of teacher walks into school, on the first day, smelling like weed?”

Jack shrugged and the boy in front of him turned around to look at us, My breath hitched and I got a little shaky, needing to fumble with something. Isn’t social anxiety the best?

“You’d better get used to it.” The boy said. “He smells like that every day.”

His voice made me melt inside. It was deep, and smooth, and could make any girl melt.

“That’s just great,” Jack said. “We have our own Weedberg here.”

I giggled a little at Jack’s comment. “He can’t be that much of a douche,” I said.

“You have no idea.” The boy said. “I’m Shawn by the way. Shawn Matthews.” He held out his hand for me to shake and I gladly took it. His hands were huge and they fit comfortably around mine.

“As you heard, I’m Sydney Parker,” I said, letting go of his hand. “And this is my brother Jack.”

Shawn shook Jack’s hand and then he turned back to me. “So what’s the teacher’s name?” I asked. I’m dying inside, just from meeting someone new, but it’s hard to stop talking to Shawn; he’s so easy to carry a conversation with.

“He’s Mr. McDonald.” He replied.

“McWeed,” Jack said, smirking.

“We always called him McDouche,” Shawn said.

“Both work pretty well,” I said, smiling.

“Alright, assholes!” McDouche yelled. “Turn around to face me, shut your traps, and pay attention to class!” He looked down and mumbled something at his laptop.

“See what I mean?” Shawn said to me.

I giggled and McDouche looked at us. “Get up here, now!” He yelled at us.

Shawn stood up and I did too, but you could see how unsure I was. I followed Shawn to the front and stood next to him. Shawn put a hand on my back and I tensed. He rubbed circles with his thumb to calm me down.

“What have we got here?” McDouche said and eyed me. He walked over to the side of me and lifted his hand. He touched my chest, ever so carefully to not get caught, but I wasn’t the only one who knew what happened.

I turned to him and swung my fist at him, catching his jaw and sending him staggering backward. I felt tears well up in my eyes and Jack came running up from his desk. He grabbed McDouche by the collar of his shirt and slammed him down on his desk.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch my sister like that again!” He shouted in his face. McDouche was too high to even react. Jack slammed him back down again and I backed up, scared I was going to cry. I backed into Shawn and he turned me around so he could hold me. He had one arm around my waist and one holding my head against his chest. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks and they burned. They fell onto Shawn’s gray tee that he had on under his blue flannel. I knew they would be there for a while. Someone ran out of the room and a few girls came up to me. Shawn let me go, but he still made sure to have a hand on my waist. I didn’t move. It felt comforting to be in his arms, but I didn’t know why. I had just met him, but here I was, crying on him and being held in his arms.

“Are you alright?” I heard all around me. I started shaking because I obviously don’t like people.

“Guys, can you back off a little?” Shawn asked politely. He was so sweet. They all backed off and he held me closer again.

A teacher eventually ran in and found out what was going on. They weren’t too impressed to see a student pinning their teacher to a desk, but they understood what was going on. Shawn continued to hold me as the teacher dealt with the situation. Once they brought McDouche out, Jack came back over to me. Shawn let me go once again and had his hand on my waist still.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked. I nodded.

“Dad’s going to flip his shit when we get home,” I said, trying to smile a little.

“You need anything for your anxiety yet?” He asked.

“No, I’m alright for now,” I said, still feeling a little shaken up.

“Where are we going for the rest of class?” I asked.

“Usually, when shit happens and a teacher leaves, another just takes us outside to chill out,” Shawn replied.

“Alright Sydney, I’m going to go call Mum and Dad. Can you just hand out with Shawn for now?” Jack asked. I nodded.

“I’ll take care of her,” Shawn said. Jack nodded at him and Shawn led me outside.

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