I know why it hurt. I hurt so much to look at her, to talk to her. She no longer knew who I was. I was a complete stranger to her, and it hurt.


2. Me.

A few days passed and it was finally Saturday. On Wednesday my best friend returned to school after being in the hospital for four weeks and several days. We share the first three periods and art on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her much because I was late in Thursday and on Friday she was absent.

I missed talking to Skylar. We used to talk on the phone for hours on Saturday. But I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth. Not yet at least. I'll wait for her no matter how long it takes.

Mom got called into work early today and she put me in charge of my twin brother, Zach, and my four year old sister, Cayla. I had been up since Four Thirty and it was now Seven.

I became hungry and poured myself some Captain Crunch and milk. I say at the table and ate slowly. My mind slowly coming back to me after a long night of restlessness. I've had many nightmares since I was a kid, but ever since Skylar got in that car accident my stress and anxiety have made then a thousand times worse.

"Nate? That you?" Zach rubbed his eyes and yawned while entering the room. "No. Of course not. I'm just some random stranger that looks exactly like him." I replied sarcastically. He replied by grossly laughing and sticking out his tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes and threw my plastic spoon at him. This caused a minor war until he put me in a head lock and I couldn't get out of it. We laughed it off and I got a new spoon.

Zach poured his own cereal and sat next to me. "Mom get called in?" "Yeah. She'll be back around two. Or so she said." He nodded. Honestly, I don't really know what my mom does for a living. She's never really told us. I've guessed that she works at a hospital with all the calls into work, but mom never really talks about anything. And by anything I mean literally everything. She barely ever talks to me except for "hello", "goodbye", "what do you want for dinner", or "Go to bed".

I soon finished eating so I went to go check on Cayla. I lightly knocked on the slightly opened door. I opened a little more and made sure she was okay. She was actually awake, sitting on her bed, whispering to her stuffed bunny. "Hey Cayla. Do you want any breakfast?" She rapidly shook her head. And then held out her hand and motioned me to her. She then whispered "George says he likes you. He says that you are big, and strong, and handsome like a prince." I chuckled and whispered back "Oh yeah? I bet George likes you too. You're a pretty princess fairy mermaid." My reply was random but it made Cayla jump for joy. She whispered to her bunny. "Yeah George, let's be pretty princess fairy mermaids!" She hugged her bunny and giggled. She was so funny and cute. I loved my baby sister. She had a fun imagination and she helped me think of things to draw for art.

I told her that I'd be in the living room if she needed me and left her to talk to her bunny. I went to the couch and began to watch some anime on Netflix.

I had recently just started getting into anime but I've already watched more than sixty different shows and it's all thanks to the power of technology!

After a few hours of anime, Mom finally came home. "Hey, mom. Can I go to the park?" "Sure honey, just be home by five for dinner." "'Kay". The park is no more than two blocks away so I walked. I haven't been there in forever. I arrived pretty quickly and I went towards a picnic table at the back. The park was at the edge of town and beyond that was a forest. The picnic table was just in front of it. and straight after that by a few feet is a big treehouse. Many kids in the neighborhood would not go to it because when we were little Zach, Jack, and Skylar decorated around it to make it look really creepy. and we started the town legend of "the haunted treehouse" It's why Skylar and I would come here every Saturday. The treehouse was our little secret hideout. She told me many things and I told her many things too. She used to tell me about her favorite things and her new crushes. and I would reply with my own favorites and I would give her advice about boys. The treehouse was such a sacred place. Like when my dad left my mom I ran away and stayed there for a week, and every day after school Skylar would come and talk to me and teach me the things that she learned at school.

So today, here I sat at the picnic table facing the woods, wanting to go to the treehouse but at the same time I wanted to wait for Skylar. I don't want to go unless she can.

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