Fake Smiles & Real Love (A short story)

He was never popular or noticed, and he was okay with that. But what happens when he falls in love?


2. Trusting Again

 The next day after school, I went straight to the tree. She was sitting exactly where she was yesterday.

 "How did you get here so fast? I just got off of the bus."

 "I was waiting for you." She laughed.

 I climbed up next to her.

 "I could sit here forever." I sighed.

 "It is pretty peaceful."

 "That's not why." I said.

 She looked at me.

 "What is the reason?" She asked.

 "You. You're the only person I've trusted for a long time. And it feels good to talk to someone."

 She blushed.

 "So, what happened?" I asked.


 "You said that you've been left and abandoned. What happened?" I asked.

 "You remember that?"

 "Of course."

 "Well, it's a long story."

 "I have time." I said.

 "Well, when I was four, my little sister died. She was two at the time. She was so innocent and she didn't deserve to leave. My father had hit her head with a hammer. He got arrested and then about a year later, my mom committed suicide. She was going through so much but she hid everything so well. And now I live with my grandma. She's always sleeping so she doesn't notice me half the time."

 I stared at her.

 "I'm sorry." I sighed.

 "It's not your fault. If anything, you make it better."

 "It must take a lot to trust someone again."

 "With you, it was easy."

 I smiled at her.

 "What about you?"

 "Well, my father was everything to me. One day he left without a word. He was always the caring parent. Right after my dad left, my mom suddenly started caring. I know it's all a lie, though." I sighed and looked at the sky.

 She looked at me.

 "It's hard having the one person that ever truly cared walk out." I sighed.


 I looked at her.


 "Your dad isn't the only person that ever truly cared. I don't know what I'd do without you. I wasn't going to tell you this, but you saved my life."


 "The day you came to the pond, I had this rope tied up. I had my hands on the rope and then I heard your voice. Everything you said... it just stopped me. I hid after I talked because I've never been the type of person to let someone in after what happened. When you walked away, I climbed into the tree until night fell. I was praying to God that you'd come back, because there was something about you that made everything okay. You made me feel like I wasn't alone."

 I stared at her and smiled. I could feel my cheeks get red.

 I climbed down from the tree.

 "What are you doing?" She asked and followed me down.

 I looked everywhere until finally I saw the rope, hidden by thick brush.

 "Come with me." I said and walked home. She followed me.

 "Tobias, what are you doing?"

 I went into the garage and grabbed a knife.

 "Tobias... no. I can't lose you." She cried and followed me back to the trees.

 I cut the rope up and looked at her.

 "I can't lose you, either."

 She stared at me. I could tell she was shocked.

 I wiped her tears away.

 She hugged me tight and I held her close.

 We spent the rest of the night looking at the stars.

 "Hey, I have to go." Isabelle sighed.

 "Wait." I said and handed her a piece of paper.

 "It's a phone number with the words 'always' and '24/7' next to it." She said.

 "If you ever need anybody, even at four in the morning, I will be there." I said.

 She smiled and hugged me tight.

 "Goodnight." She blushed.

 "Goodnight." I smiled.

 She gave me a piece of paper too.


 When I got home that night, I added her number and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, a text popped up. 

 I stared at my phone, just smiling and blushing.


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