Mischief Managed


1. Being Rescued

Ch.1 Being Rescued

Chloe was in a very rare peaceful state, listening to music, until she heard a loud crash.  CHLOE!! Get down here now! Chloe was a eleven year old girl who was skinny and his long black hair which fell to the middle of her back. Her pale skin and red lips were in deep contrast to her pitch black hair, with her born eyes.  Chloe sighed and slowly made her way down the stairs, and saw the horrible mess that the toddlers made. “Chloe, get this mess cleaned up now”  Juliet Dursley said. She lived with this evil lady in the Westbandon Orphanage for Young People, and she was miserable. She was basically the maid for her Juliet Dursley, since  she was all the mum Chloe has ever known.

“Yes ma'am”, Chloe said as she scrambled to go and get the mop bucket.  Sierra and Eli, the twins,were sitting  in their high chairs eating their dinner, spaghetti, one of the messiest dinner, and was such a nuisance and a pain in Chloe’s side. She got the mop bucket and the broom and she just accepted this state and cleaned it up.

Chloe was homeschooled and so she knew how to read,write, and do math, but that was the end of Chloe’s schooling and she ached to learn more and go to school and play with the kids but Mum wouldn’t allowed it.

She had a small plate in the microwave, and so she took the plate and ran up the stairs to eat her dinner, before her Mum spotted her. She was halfway up the stairs with her plate in hand, until she was caught.
    “Now where do yo uthink that you are going Chloe?” I need you to help me get dinner to the other children.Chloe slowly turned around and stompted own the stairs with her head down in dissapointment. She put her plate back in the fridge and got out 12 plates. The kids were all seated out at the huge long table in the dinning room waiting for Chloe to bring out the plates of spaghetti.

Chloe balanced 4 plates of spaghetti on her arms and safely got them out to the table and gave them to a few of the kids and continued to do this until all of the kids had food, and then she ran to the kitchen and got a final plate and tip toed into Mom’s room and set the plate on the table gently, she was taking a nap with earbuds in her ears and the curtains in her room closed. Mom was quite skittish and so she had to be careful not to spook her too bad. Mom, it's time for dinner. Mom, would you like a plate of spaghetti? Chloe was slowly shaking her shoulder and then, Juliet ripped the earbuds out of her ears, and stared at chloe like she was going to thrown a pillow at her face. Chloe put the plate on the tray and put in on her mom's lap and slowly backed out of the room and shut the door.

A few hours has gone by since the kids ate dinner and they were in the playroom playing with all sorts of trucks, balloons and balls, and Chloe got all of their pjs out  of their dressers and took 4 at a time and just got all of their pj's on and did 3 more rounds of that until they all did, and did the same thing in the bathroom, supervising to make sure that they had their teeth brush, and safely got them into bed.

She hasn’t even eaten dinner yet, she was too busy eating cleaning the house after dinner and scrubbing the carpet trying to get all of the stains out of the carpet. She did after 2 hours, and the clock just struck midnight when she finally got everything done that she was expected to do during the day and she could eat dinner in peace.

Chloe got her dinner out of the fridge and climbed the stairs and went into her room and put the plate on her desk. She went into her closet and put her pjs on, and ate her dinner. She went back downstairs and washed her sink, and snuck back to her room and went to bed.

The next day she heard the doorbell ring and she just layed there because today was sunday and it was the one day of the whole week here her mum gave her the day off. SHe didn’t have anything to do, but do only what she wanted to do, so she decided that she would sleep until 10 o’clock.

She got up and took a shower and as she went downstairs to get something to eat, she heard noise coming from Mum’s office, and she put her ear up to the door hoping to hear part of the conversation, but as soon as her ear got pressed against the door, it flew open and she fell to the floor and she slowly looked up and saw her mum and a tall man dressed in weird black clothes with a cloak staring down at her.

Chloe, this is professor snape and he is going to adopt you. It's your special day. Go pack quickly and meet Professor snape back down here please. Chloe couldn’t believe it! She was finally getting out of here, this terrible, awful place.She raced up the stairs and her suitcase, and filled it full of her clothes, in one bag, but in the other suitcase, she but her precious books which were more important to her than her clothes or anything else in her possession, and when she was finally packed she looked up toward the doorway and saw Professor Snape, standing in the doorway.

 “Miss Chloe, I suggest that you hurry up before we are late, Let me help you with those bags. He grabbed the bags and showed Chloe down the stairs. They stepped outside and started walking down the sidewalk, not even saying goodbye to Juliet or any of the other people in that awful orphanage and she didn’t know it, but she is never going to see it ever again. They made it to the next street by the park, when Professor Snape , stopped and turned and looked at chloe,” Grab my arm, please and close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you okay?” Severus looked down at the petite girl standing next to his and looking at her made his heart melt, he had a special mission for Dumbledore, to get Chloe and adopt her, he didn’t know why but Albus doesn’t do things without having a plan.

They apparated back to Spinner’s End, and Severus told Chloe to open her eyes. Chloe looked around and saw a beautiful park with a playground, completed with 5 tube slides a sandbox, and swings. I wanted to show this to you so when we get unpacked you could play, severus said to the young girl.

They picked up the bags that were sitting down on the ground and walked down the street to Severus’s House. It was black on the outside, how perfect, and it had awful landscaping, something that Severus and Chloe could do together to bond. They pushed the door open and walked into the living room and sat the bags down. Let me show you to your room, Chloe and you can get settled in.

They climbed the stairs and on the second floor the first door on the right they opened a door to Chloe’s new room. It was purple, with a bed, dresser, and desk, with a huge bookcase for books. I will let you get settled in and I will come and get you when it's time for dinner, and Professor Snape went out of the room and to the kitchen to make dinner. But as soon as chloe layer on the bed to test out how comfortable it was her eyes closed, wearing her coat, shoes and all.

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