Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


3. Memories

“But Mum I don’t wanna go!” Rose whined holding her Mother’s hand stomping to the small building where all you could hear was small children playing inside the white fence only as tall as them. “Rosie we already talked about this..”

Her tired mother bent to her knees to lightly hug the girl, while fixing her little red bow on her rosy brown head.

“I know you're gonna miss me but you can make new friends in preschool.”

“Mummy, b-but I don’t wanna!” Rose cried, as her mother wiped away her tears

“How about we make a deal?” Cathleen implied, now catching the little girl’s attention “Every friend you make today that's a free piece of candy tomorrow”

“Yay! Mummy, I'm gonna make a lot of friends!”

“But then you would get a piece taken away every time the teacher tells me you cry…” She advised the happy little girl,

“Don’t worry Mum! I'm gonna make a bajillion friends! I'm a big girl and big girls don’t cry”

Then running out of Cathleen’s grasp into the classroom already talking to the other little kids. “Why I didn’t think it was that easy” The other Mother replied, bags under her eye’s with her dark black curls in a messy ponytail.

“How many?” The pregnant women behind the dark haired lady asked,

“One” Cathleen replied, to the other two moms watching their little girls playing with barbies, only for Cathleen to see little Rose playing with the other boys with lego’s.

    “Ha, three, and a half.” The pregnant lady continued patting her stomach “Is it because it's cheaper?”

    “Well I gotta admit it's nice how it's cheaper but,” Cathleen her hair back up with her extra scrunchy, “I was an only child too, and I’m gonna be able to pay for a lot of things for her in the future…”

    “That's the exact same thing she said…” Rolling her eyes the other mother accused. “Yeah but how I put it, it sounds less selfish”




All she could see was darkness, only to hear light breathing, and her own heartbeat, along with blurred out voices too clouded to understand. Slowly she opened her eyes revealing her annoying blonde roommate, from her one floor home.

“How you doing?”

Sara smiled sitting in the wooden chair next to the hospital bed holding Cathleen's cold hand as for moments later faintly curled into a fist squeezing the sheets under them. Glancing around herself as she came back to her senses Cathleen spilled two faint streams of clear liquid felt cold against her pale cheekbones.     “W-wait why are you crying?” Sara stuttered turning to grab the attention of any nurses or doctors, “Help! Help someone please!”

Now crying hysterically on the bed that gave little support Cathleen curled into a ball, her tears blurred her vision, her muscles still sore and bruised. Only for the worst pain she felt was an emptiness inside, replaced with something that sent chills down her spine, something that just was cold, too cold to bear the thought of.

“My little b-baby girl...” She sobbed as Sara brushed her red tousled hair from the newly blush red face, soon after revealing a shocked reaction.

“What happened to Rose?”


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