The boy, Brahms new babysitter's

SPOILER ALERT FOR THE HORROR MOVIE THE BOY! The handsom Achille Snow and his beautiful little sister Kareena Snow is hired to babysitte a doll who name is Brahmes... Let the horror begin... ENJOY ❤❤


2. Metting the Heelshire...

Achille P. O. V.
I glared at Malcolm while he flirts with my sis. The only thing my sis did was responds flirty back and giggle. But, i felt someone look at me from behind... Nah, I'm just paranoid... Right? I put 7 packages butter in the fright and then I look back... I only turn my back... For 30 seconds... And he IS TOO CLOSE, LIKE, HIS FACE IS ONLY 20 CM AWAY. I walk over to them, push my sister behind me, and glared at Malcolm. If looks could kill, I would have killed many that have been with my sister.

Karenna P. O. V.
Malcolm and i was flirting with each other for fun, but no~ my bro ruins it, like, hello~ why would you do that? Anyway, i felt like someone was staring at me, i look behind me and see a eye behind the wall, and what do i do? HMMMM, I WAVE OF COURSE, LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE WILL DO... Dear chocolate chip, I'm in deep chocolate cream right now. Okay so he looks surprised and hid, then my bro suddenly said: "Just leave her alone!" I turn my attention back at my bro and Malcolm. Suddenly Malcolm.turns around and says: "And you do NOT flirt with that ferret, you understand?" I look at Malcolm who just smiles at me. "Yeah, sure, whatever bro." I walked past my bro and Malcolm and set the rest of the food in it's place (I'm a quick learner.) Then the door opens and a old women gets in sight. She look very nice, but also looks server... "Hello, you must be the new nanny's?" She ask in sweet voice. "Yes that's right, I'm Karenna and that's my big brother Achille." I answer as polite as i can. "Come, i will show you to our son." She says and begins to walk away from the kitchen. We follow her she suddenly says, "Well, Brahms has grown a like to you Miss Johnson, he have disliked all the other nanny's, there was other nanny's he kinda liked, but he likes you the most." She says giving me a kind smile... But there is something off.

~Time skip brought by cats.~

We walked into a room, look like a living room. A old man was kneeling over a chair, talking to something. "Honey, the nanny's is here." Mrs Heelshire says to the old man.


If you want to, maybe some request to the story, like what should Brahms do to Achilles or Karenna or Malcolm or trouble from Karenna life before she came to England or something else ❤ Sikka's out ❤

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