Fallen Stars

The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes in everything you've ever wished for// As an experiment, the angels send down one of their own to Earth to study and report human life in today's modern society. Only a few are willing but only one is sent down; his name is Markus. Looking for a chance to prove himself, Markus goes to Earth and lives in his life as a human for a few weeks, reporting back to Heaven every three days.
However, on the eve of his return home, Markus gets an unexpected visit from Heaven's worst enemies and is marked by a powerful demon, preventing him from returning to his home. Devastated and longing to return to his home in the clouds, Markus is held hostage by said demon and without a plan to escape his bonds, Markus must now live out eternity trapped on Earth with no way of getting home.
So what's an angel to do?



There was once a time where the three races would mix; humans, angels and demons.

The humans were a peculiar kind of bunch, no powers or inhuman abilities, just regular mortals who managed to adapt to their surroundings over thousands of years by themselves, with only a small push in the road of evolution in the beginning. The angels were more superior to everything else; they kept the natural order in check. They watched the world from above and below to make sure that life on Earth ran as smoothly as possible, having the abilities to restore and destroy all at the same time; they weren’t a race you wanted to mess with. Now the demons, however, were the destructive ones. As hard as the angels tried to keep things in order, the demons would go around destroying and wreaking havoc wherever they could manage, killing humans and causing sin wherever they could. They were ruthless, cruel and a mix of all things evil and sickening put into one species. They were what parents told their children about to give them nightmares.

As time went on, the humans became more and more reliable on their own without the angels or demons. They managed to sin as much as demons and repent and forgive as much as the angels. Figuring that they were no longer needed, the angels returned to Heaven and watched the natural order from above where they could see all. The demons did not go into hiding as much as the angels did. Some returned to the Underworld (or Hell as you would call it) while others stayed on Earth and disguised themselves as humans, living mundane lives without anyone noticing. Everything went along as it should.

Now although these three races once lived together in peace (apart from the demons who were mischievous bastards) there was only one rule in which each race had to follow. Absolutely no ‘sexual interaction’ with another species, otherwise the offspring would be too overpowered and cause mass destruction to all. A few rebellious demons tried to create what is known as ‘a Cambion’ – a powerful creature that is a mixed of demon and human and can create anything with the sheer power of will – but they were slain before they could do any damage and start the Apocalypse early. Angels aren’t ones to gain any sort of attraction to demons or humans as emotions are irrelevant to them, so any interaction with another species in minimum with angels. Human just mainly forgot about demons and angles, only portraying them in biblical and religious ways, so any interaction with a demon or an angel is considered crazy or having mental disabilities.

So as you can see, these three races do exist and once all lived in harmony (if you’d call it ‘harmony’ because the demons were assholes and lived by their own rules), and over time, they went their separate ways.

That is until recently when the angels decided to interfere with humanity and send down one of their own to investigate the lives of humans. It should’ve been just a simple assignment, but when powerful celestial beings get involved with mundane activities, you can suspect that ‘others’ want in on the action.



As an angel, you’d think life should be easy; just chilling on clouds and watching the humanity below as they carried out their daily tasks.

Well, you thought wrong.

Being an angel is much more than that, we have to keep the natural order among the three main species of the world and make sure nothing goes wrong. Sure wars start and other disasters both natural and manmade occur, but that’s all apart of God’s plan for the world. It’s what He wants and it’s what happens, we angels just have to make sure that His plan doesn’t go off course and keep it in order. It’s actually a lot of work, especially when demons decide to get involved and try to throw the whole natural order to shambles. You’d be surprised how many demons we have to deal with in a week; it’s ridiculous. Demons think that they can just go about willy-nilly, causing trouble wherever they go and doing whatever they want. They cause a lot of damage and sometimes when humans get involved, we have to erase and create memories for them to make them believe that angels and demons don’t exist; even though we did all exist together at one point, it’s better this way.

You know the Archangels right; Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and their fallen brother, Lucifer? Well, after Lucifer was cast down to Hell and renamed the Devil, Michael was promoted to being the Head of the Angels, meaning any command from God went straight to him and we had to follow. Raphael and Gabriel were made his left and right-hand men who kept us in line and if any of us disobeyed a command from God (a.k.a Michael) they threaten to exile us and make us a Fallen, meaning cutting us off from Heaven and sending us to Earth, removing us of our wings and grace. It shut most of us up and we obeyed, unwillingly of course as some of Michael’s orders seemed a little too farfetched to come from the Father himself, so you can understand why some of us were sceptical in following orders.

With only so few of us to watch and protect a world of seven billion people, it’s a lot of work, especially when demons get involved. My job as an angel is mainly to be just a lookout, spotting any unnatural occurrences that couldn’t be caused by humans and alerting other angels to fix it. My job isn’t the best, but every little bit counts and it’s what makes the world a safer place, well, safer than it already is.

My friend Caroline is weather angel, meaning she has the ability to cause any nature-like occurrences on Earth where needed. For example, she creates snowstorms in the winter in countries that require it, blazing sun in places where the season occurs, hail and thunderstorms in areas of drought when the ground needs rejuvenation, and a whole lot more. So if you’re weather is out of whack in some seasons, blame the weather angels, because, in a large world, it’s difficult to keep track of what type of weather needs to be where and sometimes there’s a bit of a mix-up.

Angels are also more complex than you think. We don’t breed, we get created; God only picks the purest of souls from Heaven to turn them into His angels and watch over the world, loving humanity as He commanded us to. There are thousands of us, which is a small number considering the population of Earth and how many souls ascend to Heaven when their time comes. Sure some should get damned to Hell, but that’s only that really bad ones. God gives everyone a second chance, but if a person has sinned too much, they head downstairs instead of up.

Angels also have a range of abilities and powers that we can use for both good and bad, depending on the situation. Of course, we’re supposed to be portrayed as the good guys, but might I remind you of back in the time before Jesus Christ, that we were given the task of slaying the firstborn son of every family in Egypt if they didn’t mark their doors with the blood of a lamb. It was a massacre, but it’s what God demanded and we obeyed.

No angel has ever been on Earth either, not since the humans decided they didn’t need us anymore and we all returned to Heaven. Going to Earth now without permission or a proper reason is considered an act of rebellion and the certain angel that carries out that action is then ripped of his or her privileges and cast out as one of the Fallen, never to return to Heaven.

I’ve always wanted to go to Earth, but I’ve never had permission to, and since I’ve only been an angel for the past one and a half thousand years, I’m considered a newbie and have to earn my place if I want to move up the hierarchy. I’ve worked hard and obeyed every rule and order I’ve been given, but that’s still not enough.

However, I never realised that I’d get my chance sooner than I originally thought when a request was sent out among all angels from the Archangel Michael (supposedly from God) that one of us had to descend to Earth and survey the humans up close.

It was my only chance to go to Earth, and I would do anything to do it.

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